"RRR" star Ram Charan joins Academy's actors branch

Reportedly, Ram Charan has now joined the Academy's actors branch.

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Ram Charan

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has made a significant announcement, welcoming the acclaimed Pan-Indian cinema superstar Ram Charan into its prestigious Actors Branch. Known for his outstanding contributions to the world of cinema, Ram Charan now joins the ranks of the Academy, the esteemed organization responsible for overseeing the renowned Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars.

This momentous induction comes on the heels of the recent triumph of the blockbuster film 'RRR' at the 94th Academy Awards, where the movie claimed the coveted Oscar for Best Original Song, thanks to its unforgettable track 'Naatu Naatu.' 

In acknowledgement of his exceptional talents and remarkable work in the film industry, Ram Charan rightfully takes his place among his fellow actors in the Actor's Branch.

The Academy shared this exciting news on its official social media page, emphasizing not only Ram Charan's induction but also the significant role he plays in shaping the future of the motion picture industry. The AMPAS announcement expressed, “Through their nuanced portrayal and dedication to authenticity, these actors gift us with characters that leave a lasting impression on our hearts and minds. The mastery of their art form transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary cinematic experiences, enriching our appreciation for the depth and complexity of human emotions.”

Ram Charan's cinematic journey spans over 16 years, during which he consistently impressed audiences with his remarkable performances, remarkable versatility, and unwavering dedication to his craft. 

Having left a mark with each exceptional performance, Ram Charan's latest venture, "Game Changer," directed by the iconic filmmaker S. Shankar and featuring Kiara Advani, promises to be another significant milestone.

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