Roshni Chopra to host India's Got Talent..

COLORS and Synergy Adlabs' reality show which will unearth the hidden talent of the country will have Roshni Chopra hosting a particular segment..

Sometime back we had reported that Roshni Chopra might anchor Rakhi Ka Swaymar on NDTV Imagine, but now we have the girl herself saying that she is not doing the show.

"I was indeed approached but then the dates collided with my US shows which were already penciled in, hence I had to opt out", says Roshni.  However, she has passed on her best wishes to Rakhi thro' a promo she shot recently for the show.

Roshni will now be seen in yet another big budget reality show and we have her talking about it. "You can soon see me hosting COLORS' India Got Talent. This reality show will have three anchors including me, the other two being Nikhil Chinnappa and Ayushmann Khurana. I will host a special segment called 'India has got more talent'", explains Roshni.

However, she refused to talk more about it saying, "You will have to check it out for yourself. I have just returned from multi-city auditions and am pleasantly shocked to see the extent of talent that people have. This international format is a far cry from the song and dance routine to which TV had got stuck in for some time".

Lastly, talking about her look, she says "I have a never before avatar. Earlier you had seen me in dresses and in a studio environment, but be prepared for some different here".

India's Got Talent will be produced by Synergy Adlabs.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Roshni Chopra

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anyone kows when IG is releasing?

14 years ago

Thats gr8!
All the best Roshni:))))))

14 years ago

she looks great in that pic

all the best roshni

14 years ago

Roshni looks really pretty in that pic. Love the styling, make up and photography.

14 years ago

I love Roshini. I think she is verryy pretty. Wish her best of luck for the show. Can''t wait to see her host(:

14 years ago

hindu4lyf i like ur last line whose guna play simon''s role in IGT..hehe..and yes ugly bettey was officially a mexican show..
best of luck to her..


14 years ago

This is gonna be an AWESOME show!
We really do have all the talent!! :D
BGT is great so I have highh expectations from this show too!
OMG I didn''t know signature were performing?! :O Goo singature! But Indian''s don''t usually like voting for outside talent =\

14 years ago

India''s got talent wont be more funnier than Britains Got Talent.
Signature''s gonna be in Indias Got Talent I hope they win this time.

14 years ago

All the best for the show
I m eagerly waiting for it to start
Thank god she didn''t do Rakhi Ka swayamvar
I hate it so much......

14 years ago

briatins got talent is da best betr dan da rest lol but lkin 4rd to seeing wot indias got to offer i was hopin 4 sumin bit more original things like dancin on ice wud b good coz india has sooo many dance shows which are alwys da same dey shud try out sumin differnt

14 years ago

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