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Roopal Tyagi & Amitt Singh talk about their off-screen chemistry & initial notion

Apart from their on-screen chemistry, the actors have developed an amazing bond off-screen and they talked about it in an interview.

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Courtesy : Instagram

Actors are currently shooting in bio-bubbles as we know and shooting in one can certainly become extremely challenging especially as these actors and even the entire crew attached to the show are away from their families for longer periods.

But this process becomes easier if and when there is a special friendship formed between multiple actors and so that spending time with each other and away from families becomes easier. That is certainly the case with actors Amitt Singh and Roopal Tyagi who are paired opposite each other in Dangal TV's Ranju Ki Betiyaan. Apart from their on-screen chemistry, the actors have developed an amazing bond off-screen and they talked about it in an interview with ETimes TV.

Singh having joined the show only a month ago first said, “My scenes are mostly opposite Roopal. I had spoken to her once before, but we had never met. She is a senior actress and I wondered what she would be like. I was a new actor who joined the show mid-way and Roopal was the one who supported me in every way. She made me feel welcome and comfortable."

On her part, Tyagi said that she didn't even know she would have a co-actor initially. “I wasn’t even aware that they were bringing in someone opposite me. We had just relocated to Silvassa and I didn’t expect a new entry at that point. When I got to know the only I thought was, ‘Mumbai se koi Silvassa aa raha hai... what can I ask him to bring?’ Then I spoke to him and asked him to bring me my books. My focus was not the new actor joining but how I could make my life more comfortable in Silvassa! I became besharam and asked him for a favour and he did it too,” said Tyagi.


Courtesy : Instagram

Talking about what made their bond stronger - it was coffee. Singh said, “My mornings in Silvassa started with Roopal’s coffee. She knows how to make amazing coffee. Only she can brew a cup of coffee like that which instantly recharges a person.” Roopal feels that their bond as co-actors and friends has strengthened because of coffee. “The two of us love drinking coffee and we have had endless conversations over coffee. I think those sips together slowly and gradually has turned us into amazing friends.”

Tyagi teased Singh saying, “He keeps pulling my leg and there are times when I feel that I will cry but I control. The whole day he finds ways how he can pull my leg. Another thing which irritates me the most is that he constantly plays with his hair. I don’t know what he achieves by doing that but he is constantly playing with his hair.”

We hope their off-screen chemistry stays as much fun and continues to transpire on-screen as well.

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