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Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop gets three new characters!

The Colors' show ropes in more cast members...

Published: Friday,Aug 03, 2018 18:15 PM GMT-06:00
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Colors' Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop has been making headway with its plot since the leap. The show makers have been trying out new elements to make the episodes an exciting watch for the viewers. Recently, an addition was made to cast with Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht joining the line-up. And now we hear that there will be three actors roped in to play new characters. 

Rahulram Mandchanda, Neha Narang and Shraddha Jaiswal will soon be seen on the show. Rahulram is known for his role in Rani Vani and we hear this time around, he will be playing a negative role. He is all set to enter the show as a cousin of Donal Bisht's character. His character will be misogynistic and will cheat on his wife. Neha Narang who is known for her stint with Tashan-E-Ishq will play the role of a devrani while Sharddha Jaiswal who was last seen in Belan Wali Bahu will play the jethani. 

The actors are bound to add a new flavour to the show and twists to the plot. They will soon be seen on screen. How excited are you for their entries? 

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Lennie 5 years ago It is very obvious why female lead characters family will be introduced (pretty much happens in most shows). They introducing Ishika's family because she is the female lead so her side of the family will be seen and their conflicts too (concerning women) and how her family are and tracks wise, and maybe how in future Shamsher and his family will come in contact with the ppl of Ishika's family esp as it seems alot more is going on in that household.
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lovelikejesus 5 years ago This show has a power packed package of brilliant actors including Shashank Vyas, Yash Tonk, Mitali Nag, Chandni Bhagwanani. Another good actor Neil Bhat is coming as Ranveer. Then what is the need for introducing a big family for Ishika . Makers should concentrate on existing cast and explore their characters properly rather than introducing so many characters for Ishika's family. Not liking the mess.
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Devtaholic 5 years ago I found the Character of Roop is so refreshing and the actor is doing a good job too but not liking the female lead character ( I meant character not the actress.) I found FL character extremely irritating the writers should tone down her character a bit. Now her extended family is coming I too feel they will be either related to Jigna or himani may be anyone of there sasural.
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ssuuvvii 5 years ago Wow...Hope they show good story of them bit focus more on leads SHAHSANK VYAS & DONAL BISHT
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.Shiva. 5 years ago Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht you guys are rocking. this show is so amazing loving it. hope cvs can handle all the characters well. there seem to be many twist coming up.
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Lennie 5 years ago I wonder if the ladies are from Ishika's family or Jigna's in laws side. Kinda interested to see who and what Ishika's family are. Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht doing a good job. So far liking the show.
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tiny15 5 years ago Shashank Vyas is doing gud as roop.but why 2 introduce ishika's big family?
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ButterflyOnRose 5 years ago Don't understand why they need to have such big family for Ishika Her mom , dad and she was all that was needed Now why adding her cousins and blah blah blah ?Anyways lets see what makers are up to.
Shashank Vyas is awesome as Roop in this show
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yanks28 5 years ago too many new characters i dont like this

Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop is a nice show love Shashank Vyas
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