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Ronit Roy opens up on his Struggling days; Reveals sitting at Home for 4 years!

Actor Ronit Bose Roy opens up on his struggling days and states that if you're facing a financial crisis then killing yourself is not the solution.


Ronit Bose Roy had made his mark as a brilliant Actor and a performer in both Television as well as in Films. The Actor who has a huge following opens up on his struggling days. Talking about his struggles, Ronit even mentioned that he used to walk up to his mother's house for a meal as he did not have money even after being in a Silver Jubilee Film. 

Speaking to the Times of India, Ronit shared, "My first film was released in 1992 Jaan Tere Naam which was a blockbuster. It was a silver jubilee and silver jubilee of that day means a Rs 100 crore movie of today. My debut film was of that level. 1992 it released and for the next six months, I did not receive a single call. Then I got all kinds of trashy work which I did for three years and around 96 all the work dried up. For four years I was sitting at home. I had a small car, but I had no money for petrol. I would walk up to my mother's house for a meal as I did not have money even after being in a silver jubilee film. I did not kill myself. I am not passing judgement on anybody."

The Actor added that everybody in some point in their life face financial crisis and states that killing yourself is not the solution. Ronit shared that he haven't made any money since January and he has a small business which was running but is shut now since March. He mentioned that whatever he has, he is selling things to support about 100 families that he is responsible for.

 "I am not a very rich man, but I am doing it. So, these Production houses and channels who have these big, lavish offices which are visible from 2 Kms away from a highway, they need to do something. They have to take care of the people on the ground," he added. He mentioned that if they don't take care of the Actors at a time like this then it is not fair. He says that you need to pay them after 90 days but they need it now, so give them now. 


Ronit Roy

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