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'Ronit Roy has best body from Tellydom' - Bharat Chawda

Lets get into the fitness mantra of Bharat Chawda aka Ishaan of Kahaani and see what tips he has to offer from his fitness regime...

Are you a fitness freak?

Yes I am a fitness freak.

What steps you take to maintain good body?

I do dieting, take proper meal on alternate days. Not a hardcore gyming person, but yes I concentrate a lot on running.

How much time do you devote for work outs?

I spend at least half an hour a day for working out. If I don’t get time then there are some exercises which I do in between shots. I try to hit the gym at least 4 times a week.

In the hectic life style how important for you is it to maintain good health?

Its very important to be fit in demanding conditions like television, we need to keep ourselves fit or we'll burn out pretty fast, and keep your unit waiting because of your health doesn't look nice as well. So we need to be watchful with what we eat and drink to keep our body fit-n-fine. There should be proper timing for everything, from eating to gyming. To survive in this industry it is very important to maintain good health.

Does your diet pattern help you in remaining fit?

Yes it is! I am basically from Indore and used to be very fat, but for one year before joining Kahaani I worked out a lot to get into the shape , now it is like I see food and crave for it, but I know to control myself somehow (laughs).

What is the diet pattern?

I eat a lot of sprouts and soups as I am a vegetarian. I also take protein snack, dal and khichdi sometimes.

In television industry who do you think has the best made body?

Ronit da has the best body in television industry in my opinion.

Who do you idolize when it comes to good physique?

I don’t idolize anyone when it comes to good physique, I am happy with my own body.

Do you believe in six packs abs?

Yes I do believe a lot in six pack abs. I am working a lot to get that!

Have you got six packs abs?

I had but not now just give me two months I will do it again.

Message to your fans for fitness?

Keep eating, eat whatever to like but finally do workout to maintain your body.

Reporter and Author : Ranjini Nair


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afreen_14 12 years ago yeah i agree KSG has really good body DONT LIKE RONITS
Ezria_Fan_4ever 12 years ago i dont agree .......karan singh grover has the best body in tellydom
mimi0295 12 years ago This content is hidden.
desi_angel101 12 years ago This content is hidden.
babii.girl 12 years ago yeaahh i agree with u niki..KSG and Harshad have te best body in tellywood
rajkin 12 years ago Akashh Deep Saigal havent u come cross him..he has the best body.Ever
ronitfan 12 years ago Ronit has a hot bod for sure !!
Seebz 12 years ago wow. how cute......and an amazing actor.....:)
niki_09 12 years ago thanx........i think KSG n 2nd harshad hav d best body............
khushix 12 years ago thanks....harshad chopra got the best body in my opinion...hehe...
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