Romit Raj replaces Vishal as host of Perfect Bride..

After the ouster of Megha Gupta, the big news is that Vishal Malhotra, the other host of Star Plus' Perfect Bride has also been dumped. And Romit Raj will be the new host of the show..

Megha Gupta has already lost out on her golden opportunity of hosting Star Plus' reality show Perfect Bride, and the reason stated by the production house and channel was that the lady was throwing tantrums on sets.

The latest to this is that the other host of the show, Vishal Malhotra has also been taken out of the show. And the new host of Perfect Bride will be the groom-to-be, Romit Raj.

According to our source, "Vishal Malhotra had a big problem speaking Hindi, and his accent was also not proper. He took double the time to deliver his sentences, and this simply put the unit in distress. His lingo was not proper, and we had got feed backs too on it. He could not even pronounce the main words used in the show, Kunwar and Kanya. Also, when asked to correct himself, the guy did not take it in the right spirit. So we had to replace him, and bring in a new host. Romit Raj will be taking over from Vishal as host of Perfect Bride".

We called Romit Raj, and even sent a text message for a confirmation. Romit did reply with a text message saying, "Yes, I am hosting Perfect Bride, but can't talk now, as I am busy in work".

As we had reported earlier, Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde are all set to get married on 29th November 2009, and this hosting opportunity in a reality show looking for a 'Perfect Bride'

We called Vishal Malhotra, who was surprised to hear about his omission from the show thro' us. "I have not got any intimation, you are giving me the news. First of all, I think I have proved myself as an actor, anchor and entertainer for 15 long years now. I am also hosting yet another big show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega for Sony, for which I have got great feed backs. I have done many big banner films with Dharma Productions, Yashraj etc, and never has anyone found fault with my Hindi. Also, I have done so many ads till now, that even if I initially had a problem with language, I should have got over it by now (smiles). I respect everybody's decision, and do not want to enter into any controversy. But all I can tell you is that I am a humble boy trying to make a place for myself. Such a thing has never happened to me before, and I am shocked over the reason stated".

Our efforts to get in touch with Anupama Mandloi, Senior Creative Director, Star Plus were not fruitful.

Reporter: Susan Jose, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (17)

Vishal is so much better than Romit. I really like vishal in EKLKBK

14 years ago

first Megha and now Vishal...what the hell is wrong with these people?

14 years ago

Vishal is a great host!!!!

The production house is mad to give such a reason!!!!

14 years ago

omg i lubhh vish..!!he was mindblowing and so jolly minded!

14 years ago

Vishal is awesome.. i think the production house has jus seriousily gone totally mad

14 years ago

vishal is good..
i dunno why production is doing diz
he speaks right.. i dont see any faults

14 years ago

vishal is a great host he rocks in entertainment ki loye aur bhi kuch karega on sony.

14 years ago

sad to see him go! He was superb! Don't know whats wrong with StarPlus

14 years ago

nooo i want vishal back
i dont have any complains with his hindi

14 years ago

ohhh wtf... wt ws wrong wid vishal.... ohh no.. wts goin on... Vishal.. he ws jus perfect as d show host....!! SP ppl r turnin mad .. i think..!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

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