Rohit Suchanti performs a daredevil stunt for a sequence in Bhagya Lakshmi

And while shooting for the same sequence, Rohit Suchanti happened to injure himself on the sets of the outdoor shoot.

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Rohit Suchanti

Over the past two years, Zee TV's Bhagya Lakshmi has kept its audience entertained with its gripping storyline and the twists and turns in Lakshmi (Aishwarya Khare) and Rishi’s (Rohit Suchanti) lives. The show has gained a loyal fan base, and #RishMi has become a household name. In the recent episodes, viewers witnessed how Rishi and Lakshmi finally got married after facing countless adversities in their love life. As they move towards this new life journey as a happy married couple, Malishka (Maera Misshra) puts their life in danger by bumping their car with a truck and throwing them down a cliff. And while shooting for the same sequence, Rohit Suchanti happened to injure himself on the sets of the outdoor shoot. 

Acting is the kind of profession that constantly needs actors to go above and beyond their comfort zone and take up odd challenges to learn and grow in their career. One such recent example is when Rohit was spotted hanging on the edge of a cliff for an upcoming sequence in the show. Despite feeling nervous and scared, he decided to take up the challenge to do the stunt all by himself. Even though the team took all the necessary precautions, he did face a minor setback when he got slightly injured during one of the shots. However, he didn’t give up and completed the stunt without any complaints.  

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Rohit said, “Ever since I started playing the character of Rishi, I have tried my best to showcase his depth through various means, such as performing intense crying scenes, fighting with the goons on multiple occasions, etc. But on television shows, we rarely get the opportunity to perform stunts, so when I was first informed about performing the same, I was thrilled. This sequence came at the right time because I hoped to try something new. Although hanging on the edge of a cliff in the soaring heat was one of the most challenging things I had to do, accomplishing it and giving the perfect shot made me very happy. Despite taking all necessary precautions for safety, I suffered a minor injury on my face due to the big trees and branches being there in my frame. Nevertheless, this did not stop me from doing what I love to do.”

While Rohit has performed this daredevil stunt, wait till you watch the upcoming episodes where the viewers will get to witness some major drama after Malishka flips Rishi and Lakshmi’s car off a cliff, will they survive this accident? Or will Malishka’s evil plan of killing Rishi and Lakshmi be successful?

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