Rohan Gandotra opens on his relationship with Chahat Khanna

Rohan Gandotra, who has been a part of popular shows like Dil se dil tak, Silsila Badalte rishton ka and more spilled some beans on his relationship with rumoured girlfriend Chahat Khanna and issued a clarification. Read on to know what Rohan has to say.

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Chahatt Khanna and Rohan Gandotra

Rohan Gandotra is a popular name in the world of television. The actor has been a part of quite some popular shows like Dil se Dil tak, Kaala teeka and a lot more. Rohan, who has been away from the television screens for a while now got in a conversation with us and spoke about how in the past 2 years he has been busy focusing on his business and that he is aware and does not enjoy the unpredictability of acting as a profession. Rohan also told us how post covid things have changed drastically for actors and that their fees to have been slashed. 

Further we quizzed Rohan about rumours of his relationship with Chahat Khanna and his reply has left us thinking whether the actor just confirmed his relationship with the actress. Rohan said,”I and Chahat have faced these questions time and again. We’ve worked together multiple times, we’re also running a buisness together. So when we hear these questions or read such things we laugh it out together. We share a very family like bond today and are in a very happy space.”,

When we asked Rohan to define what happy space means to him he added, “Like I said, we share a very family like bond. Ofcourse we have passed that friendship stage now. I don’t know about a relationship, but a happy space is when two people are just happy with each other. This is what happy space means to me.”

Well, we leave it up to you to decide what does ‘Happy space’ mean here.

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