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Roadies Revolution: Double eviction and many more surprises await the contestants

Roadies Revolutio is about to witness a lot of drama and fun ahead. Read on to know more about what's in store this week.

Roadies Revolution

If it hasn’t taken you off your seat with twists and turns, it isn’t Roadies! The 17th season is not just a testament to the social change it brings for the betterment of the society, it also is about a righteous game plan with a sharp presence of mind! And the teams are giving all their blood and sweat to get the game right! This week brings in a different drama with a plethora of surprises back to back, which is sure to change the dynamics of the game.

The episode introduces 4 contestants who couldn’t make it to the game earlier, as the battleground finalists as they get a chance to be back in the game and compete with the other Roadies. Though still not in the game yet, they play an important part in the vote out segment! Wait for Saturday to know-how! Moreover, the leaders also get an advantage this time. As surprises unfold, leader Nikhil gets an advantage to immune a non-immune contestant. An interesting series of persuasion begins as they try their level best to convince celebrity leader Nikhil to give them immunity, followed by some intense fights that are worth the watch.

But, it doesn’t end here!! Rannvijay brings up the advantage that the new celebrity leader Varun had won last week, through which, he has the power to nullify the votes of 4 contestants! Tension is clearly in the air, can you feel it already? Rannvijay also drops another bomb when he announces double eviction! Hold your breath, there would be lots more coming up in Saturday’s episode!



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