Rithvik Dhanjani & Asha Negi show us what LIVING in the REAL world means

In the mountains...


How often does it happen that you just happen to view at a collection of the best images someone's trip to a place and you envy them a lot? Well, seemingly really often.

Instagram, especially is a place for that where you just keep on gazing at the best images possible and look at someone's vacation diaries.

If you are a fan or follower of Rithvik Dhanjani, we are sure you have already joined the aforementioned brigade. The actor with partner Asha Negi has been on an exciting trip lately and the actor went on to post a message with a collection of images that perfectly describes his experience there.

And while the collection of those images needs to be looked out for, it especially stands out for the realness that they exhibit. The smile that the people in the images may be posed for the camera, but it is as real as it appears to be.

So, unlike all the 'pretty pictures' to someone's perspective, Rithvik's experience and images were as real as anything can get-

We keep getting couple goals from Rithvik and Asha time and again, seems this is just another instance of inhibiting different kind of goals from the couple, right?

This is the life we want, isn't it?
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Rithvik Dhanjani Asha Negi

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