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Rishita saves Shiva and Pandya Store; Shiva gets attracted towards Raavi in ‘Pandya Store’

Shiva gets saved from the fake charges of smuggling. Here’s what’s in the store for the audience.

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Cast of Pandya Store.

Courtesy : Akshay Kharodia's Instagram.

Star Plus show Pandya Store is getting a lot of love from the viewers. The show is riding high on intense drama. The current track of the show revolves around Shiva being framed by Janardhan in a smuggling case. The family is trying hard to save both Shiva and the Pandya Store. 

In the upcoming episode, Police shuts Pandya Store and arrests Shiva. Rishita reaches there and asks Police officers to leave him but in vain. Later, Rishita states that she has a proof that can reveal the truth of Shiva’s innocence. She shows the video recording of Kamini’s confession. Police leaves Shiva. Pandya Store also gets opened. The family rejoices. Dhara and Suman appreciate Rishita and tell her that everything is fine only because of her. The family enjoy the emotional moment.

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Rishita gets upset as her family hasn’t accepted her relationship with Dev and are always behind the peace of Pandya family. Dev assures her that sooner or later, they’ll accept their relationship. 

Shiva gets attracted towards Raavi. He gets mesmerized seeing her sleeping. The duo share cute moments as Shiva doesn’t want mosquitoes to bite Raavi. Raavi asks Shiva to sleep but Shiva is unable to comprehend his feelings for Raavi.

In the forthcoming episode, the family is seen celebrating while Kamini and Kalyani enter the Pandya house. Rishita is elated but Shiva and Dev fume in rage.

Kanwar Dhillon Alice Kaushik Simran Budharup Pandya Store 

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AppleOfEye 2 months ago Rishita the Savior comes Again!😂 Fab acting by Pandya Store cast ❤️
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nafees5 2 months ago Love pandya store and the entire cast.
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mpks1 2 months ago Rishita once again became the super heroine and saved Shiva, family’s honor and the store. Loved the episode today. The cast is doing an amazing job.
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Oeindrila 2 months ago The cast of Pandya Store is doing a great job. Simran, Kanwar and Alice rock in their respective roles.
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Shivi_forever 2 months ago Love Pandya Store and the entire cast. Love Shivi's chemistry. Alice Kaushik and Kanwar Dhillon rocks
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