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RIDICULOUS TV Shows that are so BAD, that they're damn GOOD (Part-1)

Guilty pleasures, as we call it?

Published: Sunday,Jul 22, 2018 09:30 AM GMT-06:00
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Bad films, bad web series, bad TV shows. We go on to celebrate the best of all the three mediums time and again, but ever thought how left-out the brilliantly bad ones would be feeling? Well, but here's where the difference is! Some feature presentations are so bad that you just cannot watch them, as much as you push your inner self to do so. But, then there are ridiculously bad presentations, that are so good that you cannot miss out on them too.

It's basically like having a guilty pleasure! So, while you may have come across some of the worst films and web shows list to look out, for probably the first time ever, I present to you TV shows that are so bad, that they are good. Why? Because, I am a human who believes in giving the due recognition where it's needed.

It's a ritual! It really is in our world, where if we are talking about obnoxious, pathetic, laughable content; we have to mention Sasural Simar Ka. The fact that this show ran for almost 7 years is an example as to how it was a guilty pleasure for millions of people out there (kaun hai ye log? Kaha se aate hai?). But, if you are a meme-lover like me, I am certain you did not have problems with the show, as during the time of the spoon track in a newspaper, the Simar turning into a makkhi and plagiarizing Game Of Thrones instance, internet had a blast and some really laughing moments. Thank you Sasural Simar Ka for being so bad.

Oh dear Lord! I don't know if I can say 'Lord' here, as it is about the spirits and the 'other powers' that were at play here. Hosted by zindagi jhandwa, phir bhi ghamandwa fame Ravi Kishan, this show was the epitome of being stupid. A random woman apparently getting into your brain and churning out secrets from the previous birth sounds a good fictional plot, except this was supposedly REAL. Want to know what's worse? This show had a second season too!


While Roadies also easily makes the cut to being one of the worst shows, it did have some decently good moments in the initial days. But Splitsvilla? The concept was as sexist as anything or anyone in this world can be. However, 10 seasons and 10 years later, the show is the guilty pleasure of many. It's like Rannvijay Singha wasn't satisfied with Roadies, that he wanted to present the viewers further torture with Splitsvilla too. Ironically, equality of sexes is what they fight for at times in the show! How? No idea.


Instead of me saying anything at all, I will leave you with this video to judge and realise that this was a legitimate TV show afterall. The famous 'How Can She Slap' incident-

Third Eye Of Nirmal Baba

How on earth was this show allowed to be telecast fails my sense to understand. However, the utter stupidity that is shown in the show is actually a double-edged sword. It is sick and disgusting for so many people believing that a human can solve all your problems by doing 'something', but on the other hand, the internet can have so much fun with it, as it's memeworthy content. Hmm! Tough Choice (for me, it's easy though).

Chappar Phar Ke

I actually did not mind this show at all, to be honest! I mean, I was already pounded with a barrage of classic Govinda mindless entertainers, that a mindless show hosted by Govinda was pretty much a great deal. That's what it was. A stupid game show with hideous clothes on Govinda and some ridiculously funny stuff going on. (I know you're humming denevala jab bhi deta, deta chappar phar ke already)

Bigg Boss

Even though it is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on Indian television, and I am admittedly a religious viewer; but I cannot let the fact go away that Bigg Boss is literally one of the extremely bad shows on Indian television. But, as the purpose of the feature is that the show is so bad, that it's good enough to be the guilty pleasure of millions. We humans apparently just love to watch people fight, be it on the road where it turns out to be a massacre, or on the TV screen too.

This was the first installment of some super bad shows that are so good, that when in the mood to be ridiculed and enjoy cringe-worthy content to laugh at it, tuning into these shows is the way to go!

We will soon be back with a Part 2! Till then, tell us which one is your favourite?

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Pooja @Samaina12 5 years ago Useless writers of indiaforums copid this from a quora answer. That answer also had yrkkh but shivangi joshi's bootlicker IF edited it.out
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Salatharkee @Salatharkee 5 years ago Please make a post for serials with no story line too
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s631607 5 years ago This content is hidden.
Riana31 @Riana31 5 years ago Bloody Nonsense shows !!!...Especially sasural simar kaa shit and third eye of nirmal baba !!!...It shows that how much garbage do our tv's carry !!!
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_khushi09_ @_khushi09_ 5 years ago So much garbage
Can our TV industry improve ever?
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Shaina_b @Shaina_b 5 years ago All are horrible!!!

But Indian TV is full of them!!!

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