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Riddhi Nayak to enter Laagi Tujhse Lagan

Riddhi will play Indu and will make her entry in the show today...

Published: Wednesday,Nov 09, 2011 15:05 PM GMT-07:00
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Riddhi Nayak who was last seen on Imagine's Bandini as Toral will soon take a grand step in Colors' Laagi Tujhse Lagan as Indu.

"Riddhi Nayak will play the character of Indu a very simple and positive girl who stays in a basti and eventually will meet Aai Saheb who is in search of her child. It will be revealed that Indu is only Aai Saheb's (Swati Chitnis) daughter who got exchanged and Kalavathi is not her real daughter," reveals our source.

We contacted Riddhi who confirmed the news as she stated, "Yes I am playing the character of Indu who is very noble and optimistic. Its a nice character to play but I cant reveal much now."

We hope this upcoming track manages to garner some eyes from the viewers...

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Megha Bissa

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.scorpio10 11 years ago Hahhhaahhhaahhhaaahhhaaahhaaahhhaahha

Sorry no words , but this is super duper funny ...Kala is not AS's Daughter . So will we there now be space for Kissu's Love story with this new entry ...

These guys will not give up , even if they r in minus ...they will still drag it to their grave and beyond ..

Bhai Cvs , the more u stretch an elastic the more it will pain and hurt , when it snaps back ... In short..the more u drag the show the more u will lose . U have already lost ur trps by getting one character cld Diggu . Now u bring another one2011-11-10 08:46:12
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rayjst 11 years ago Why!!!!!!!!!!! Colors, Why are you hell bent on destroying the very essence of the original so much??? Why do you want to air brush off the character flaws that made the original beautiful???

Kala is sooo Evilll, so there is no way she is blood related to mahaan Aai Sahab nd Datta right, God Forbid. I swear, Colors nd mahaan Creative-ji, wth is this???2011-11-10 01:22:02
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MelodiousDreams 11 years ago Only one word has been applicable for this show for since March 28th: Pathetic.
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Wanderbug 11 years ago ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2011-11-09 22:13:07
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nikita_88 11 years ago Good luck were great in Bandini
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taral83 11 years ago if no one is watching this show...then how are they making money? and if they are not making money then how are the hiring new people?????
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Missbantu 11 years ago I had no idea that this show was still going on, best of luck to them. It has been ages since i watched it.
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Keva 11 years ago The producers and the channel just changed the entire story and this is the second time they are doing it. The show was about original dutta and naku and Kala's revenge and now it turns out Kala was taking revenge for no reason at all. LOL It was bad without Mishal and now it is pathetic that even the character of Kala is useless.

Btw Rajini Nair nobody is watching it coz it is the worst show ever on Indian television.
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dutta_fan 11 years ago lage raho,lage raho,CV
TRY TRY TRY and try
till u succceeeddd.
we can learn from u."never lose hope."
Mishal missing u dear.u r great as dutta2011-11-09 07:18:25
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AbhiAni 11 years ago oh...this is the twist and we are supposed to get excited...then next twist would be dengue is nakku's brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2011-11-10 08:49:10
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