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#Review: The Post Leap 'Ishqbaaaz' seems completely haphazard!

And seems like the makers are trying too hard.


Star Plus' Ishqbaaaz entered a new phase recently as it telecasted the post 3-month leap period last night. With Ishqbaaaz, one would expect fireworks and blazing moments, but that unfortunately did not happen this time. With probably the lamest dialogues and  haphazardly rushed track, the first episode of Ishqbaaaz post the leap doesn't impress.

Story So Far

The episode starts with Tej (Mahesh Thakur) and Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) arguing about Omkara's comatose state, in front of the entire family. While Tej is of the opinion that the family should be practical and accept the fact that Omkara will not get better and they have to let him go, Shivaay disagrees with him and tells Tej that Omkara will be fine soon. That is when Tej (in his classic style of changing stances) taunts Shivaay about how he couldn't keep his married life stable and asks him not to make decisions for Omkara.

An upset (suit clad) Shivaay leaves from there and literally in the next frame, ends up on a bike (biking gear on, of course) and zooms away to a secluded location. This is where his friend' Ragini (Additi Gupta) reaches and gets him home after receiving a panicked call from Pinky.

The scene shifts to a remote area, where Anika is staying with her friend Chanda. Anika is saddened by the fact that she has been unsuccessful in securing a job for the past 3 months and is also worried about how she would repay Sahil's upcoming term-fee. Amidst some consolation from her friend, the background shows Samar (Ankit Raaj) drinking in bright daylight and looking at a photo teary- eyed. He is wandering around the locality, when he sees Anika crying and looks on.

Coming back to Shivaay's story line, Ragini gets Shivaay home safely and Pinky thanks her. Ragini then invites Shivaay to her engagement with fiance Siddharth and reveals her first encounter with Shivaay and how she introspected with her fiance. In the flow of her conversation with Pinky and Shivaay, Ragini calls Shivaay kanji aankh' which brings back memories of Anika. A disturbed Shivaay asks Ragini to not use that word again and refuses to attend the party. Ragini too, goes down the memory lane where she is talking aloud to herself about how Shivaay Singh Oberoi will not remain single for long.

The scene shifts back to the area where Anika is seen watching Shivaay's video and breaks down. That is when Samar approaches her and offers her a cup of tea and tells her that she looks like someone who needs it. And after a small conversation, Anika walks away from Samar. He then continues with his drinking, when a car with three bodyguards enters the scene. One of the security guys asks Samar to come as Maaji' has summoned him.

What we liked:

The one scene where Additi Gupta gives us a glimpse of her obsessive character and what we could expect from her character in the future is a treat to watch.

The entry of two new faces has added the much required freshness to the show. With Ishqbaaaz completing a year next week, this attempt of bringing freshness to the storyline and giving ShivIka's story  a new angle is an appreciable one.

What we did not like:

The pace of the episode was very rushed and haphazard where one cannot find a link between the scenes.

Looks like the writers of the show have gone bonkers when it comes to the character of Tej Singh Oberoi. It's rather funny how in Dil Boley Oberoi, Tej is a manipulative, profit minded father who can attempt to have his son killed, while in yesterday's episode of Ishqbaaaz, we saw a completely different side of Tej. Even though we accept that these are two different shows, the writers tend to forget that the character (Tej) is the same person apparently.

In a desperate attempt to adjust the viewers with the time lapse, all characters and their appearances have been altered. Looks like these characters have aged considerably and not just a few months.


Shivaay and Anika's constant nok-jhok was the USP of Ishqbaaaz. But with their separation, that can no more be seen and will be a matter of concern. And with a twist (Shivaay and Anika's separation) of that magnitude, we expected the makers to up their game even higher. But looks they tried too hard and desperacy is more visible than ever. The show will have to up the ante and get better to sustain its popularity and viewership.

Rating: **(2 stars)


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-Ak47- 3 years ago There was no need of leap...& Mainly obsessive 3rd many times they are going to show the same track? Just they do is change the actors playing villain. Next will be black magic track...this is going QH way.
OyeNautanki 3 years ago LMAO, sensible article after ages. Gul aunty ji & Harneet ji are doing Oh My Mata of the show for their naya show. Kuch nahi ho sakta ab
-sakshi- 3 years ago There's nothing to like in Ragini and Samar, dont want to watch Pinky Ragini crap...Priyanka torture by kamini is pathetic..Shivika seperated..what the makers expect from the viewers..fwd.the scenes, change the channel . Awesome, butchering a beautiful show
wadhwaniki 3 years ago It's become a total crap nw...hate to see tat Ragini...n there r hardly any scenes of shivika...
I m Quitin IB until shivika don't come back together...cos it's the same story wid different character instead of Tia there's Ragini nw ,who gets on my nerves...Tia was so cute n this Ragini looks sick...
*Dev.* 3 years ago I never understood this show as it appeared absurb to me even though Nakuul was in it. I couldn't connect with the storyline right from start and now LOL its going haywire.
Feel bad for Nakuul as he deserved a better show but made bad decision.
WittyKitty 3 years ago First of all, I must congratulate the writer for writing the FIRST ever unbiased & balanced review I have read by Tellybuzz.
This separation was sooo unnecessary.In minutes,the charm of the show got destroyed & QH 2 began.Every villain escapes scotfree in IB.If Shivaay was shown as being less of a blind fool & Pinky exposed,then Shivika could have dealt with the aftermath together.I think Gul shouldn't make shows longer than 300 episodes.She butchers them after that.
meerabnawaal14 3 years ago sorry i think writer didn't watch dbo epi at all ,after lapse tej is same in both shows
diva82 3 years ago The whole charm has been lost in an INSTANT with this forced separation and leap. Sure, if writers want to add a shivika separation, they could have had Shivaay finding out the truth and then loses himself as he feels his identity is all fake and then tells Anika he can't be with her as he feels his whole life is a lie, he leaves and there you have a separation with a track closed. But instead, you have multiple tracks left open ended and it just looks like a completely different show! I am not watching until I hear the story is making progess.2017-06-22 14:55:54
Luna99 3 years ago So its Ishqbaaz which will be going to the Star plus trashcan next along with its sister show dil boley oberoi.
janecastle 3 years ago IB is going to become another QH. Wonder when they'll start showing Ragini doing black magic to get Shivaay.
If the makers want to save their show then they should start write something new rather than showing this ridiculous recycled tracks with a new villain in each track and none of them getting punished ever.
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