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#Review: Not only does 'Humourously Yours 2' perform well, but does so maintaining the originality

In the first episode itself, you get some great laughs...


It is indeed a good day for the viewers on the web today as not just one but two comedy shows were released. We already reviewed Mind the Malhotras on Amazon Prime Video, and making a return with a second season on TVF Play is Humorously Yours.

The show starring Vipul Goyal and Rasika Dugal had a fantastic first season and even though it did not rake in the 'desired numbers', it was still one of the best shows back then.

Even before I go ahead, for the readers who haven't seen the first season, you are certain to feel perplexed about what is going on. So, catch up on the first season before you are willing to watch the second one and read this piece.

Coming back, in the second season, things have certainly changed a lot and Vipul is now no more a comedian who struggles to get shows but is, in fact, one of the top ones in the industry. However, he is finding it difficult to keep things in order. After viewing the first couple of episodes, here's what I thought about it-

What Is It About?

A leap of sorts has taken place where Vipul Goyal is now a popular comedian and does multiple shows back-to-back. However, he is facing an unusual problem now as he can't handle being two people at the same time? Remember Ranjit Walia? The make-believe manager Vipul created for the world but in reality, it is Vipul himself doing it. So, now that Vipul is busier than ever he is finding it difficult to handle his life, shows and even marriage to an extent. Thus enters Puneet Lamba, Vipul's long-lost batchmate from college whom he hires as the new manager. Does this make his life better or worse is what the story progresses towards?

The Good

The Laughs

Not only does the show continue to live up to its promise of delivering good laughs yet again but also maintains the flavor that first season had. A show can easily go wrong when it tries to make things 'funnier' with 'higher stakes' for a returning season. Humorously Yours 2 doesn't attempt to do that and instead maintains the smart, funny and yet totally relatable jokes this time too.

The Chemistry

Apart from the fun, it was Vipul Goyal aka Vipul and Rasika Duggal aka Kavya's chemistry that made the first season so good. That continues here and when you, as a viewer, cannot fathom that there is a real-life 3-year gap between the first & second season as it feels like you only saw the previous episodes yesterday; there cannot be anything better than that.

Abhishek Banerjee as Bushi

Bushi was easily the most obviously fun element of the first season of Humorously Yours and boy does he get better in the second season. He is still classic Bushi and his camaraderie with Vipul has only gotten better.

The Not-So-Good

Main Story

Even though the Ranjit Walia angle is a smart way to continue the plotline with, the lack of having an overarching theme is prevalent here. I don't entirely blame the makers for that as the surprise factor and novelty of a show vanishes as it returns. But even with that limitation, Humorously Yours does well.

The Surprise Cameos

It was indeed an absolute treat to see some of the most leading and popular comedians make special appearances in the first season as the likes of Zakir Khan, Sapan Verma, Varun Thakur, and Kanan Gill appeared in different segments. That is missing here, (at least in the first couple of episodes).

The Verdict

Not many returning seasons live up to a show's originality but Humorously Yours 2 delivers and does so with almost complete conviction.

Rating - **** (4/5)

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