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#Review: 'Made In Heaven' MARRIES the PRETENTIOUSNESS of a lavish wedding with TENDER emotions

The series is created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti...

Published: Friday,Mar 08, 2019 14:00 PM GMT-07:00
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Welcome to the world of marriages! There couldn't have been a fitter timing for a wedding-themed show to hit the web. If you are a usual urban person, we are certain you are either recuperating or still suffering from the fever of attending back-to-back weddings.

To give you the near-perfect relief, Amazon Prime Video presents its latest original Made In Heaven. The web series went live on the application today and I managed to watch the first couple episodes. Here, I will analyze and try to help you decide whether to catch the show for a binge-watch this weekend in a SPOILER-FREE review.

What's It About?

Straight off the bat, the show has an episodic format of sorts where every episode explores a different wedding with the protagonists, Karan (Arjun Mathur) and Tara (Sobhita Dhulipalia) being constant with their respective story arcs. So, it is a fresh watch every 45-minutes, but of course, you need to watch it in the chronological order to understand Karan and Tara's story and their development.

Wedding planners Karan and Tara are struggling to keep their mega company, Made In Heaven in business as they pitch their ideas to the Roshans' upcoming wedding. Obviously, one of the most prolific families in Delhi, the Roshans are listening to a couple of competitive wedding planners but zero in with Karan and Tara as they agree to do something their competitors don't i.e. investigate the girl's past and specifically, the wrongdoings.

What follows is the massive turmoil that surrounds the planning of the wedding, Karan and Tara's personal issues with their respective families and a few other characters who have some or the other part to play in this saga.

The Highs

Featured Video

The opening credits of the show remind you of all the weddings you have been a part of throughout your life. The candid shots, blushing bride, dancing relatives, emotional father, several bloopers and other emotions that made for the perfect post-wedding video.

Arjun Mathur and Sobhita Dhulipalia excel in their portrayal as the wedding planner partners. While Arjun is gay and there is a certain back-story to how he dealt with the stigma of the society, Tara faces a constant battle with her in-laws as they condescend her working and her husband Adil (Jim Sarbh) having an affair with another woman. But amidst all this, they deal with the pretension, fakeness, and swankiness of the rich families about to get married.

The underlying themes attached to all the characters is what makes the show an incredible watch. Even the smallest of characters like the landlord Mr. Gupta (Vinay Pathak) has a reason for the way he is in his life with a quintessential wife and young daughter. An ensemble is what Zoya Akhtar loves and an ensemble is what Zoya Akhtar excels at.

The little things matter the most. Zoya has now made an eminent career out of making how the little things matter a lot. If you are a cinephile you may have noticed the same. Be it Kabir's (Shashank Arora) de facto narration talking about the brutal truth of the society or a character like Jazz (Shivani Raghuvan) gazing and judging a random woman as she passes by and is wearing 'skimpy clothes.' These are just two of the several little details that Zoya presents us with and has left us to wonder at it.

The Low

At times, the superficiality of the weddings that Karan and Tara are managing seem detached and distinct to their personal lives. Of course, I understand that some of the decisions they take in their lives are directly or indirectly proportional to the manner in which they work and the weddings they plan but it just seems out-of-sync at times.

The Verdict

Made In Heaven is another feather to Zoya Akhtar's illustrious cap but equal credit goes to the other two women, Reema Kagti and Alankrita Srivastava who manage to pen some of the most layered and intriguing characters in recent times. It is easy to be a fan of a person and be biased but when you keep excelling with every presentation you put forward that is eradicated. Made In Heaven not only deserves a binge-watch but a special mention in the blooming web scene of India as a worthy contender amongst the best.

Rating - **** (4/5)

Zoya Akhtar Alankrita Shrivastava Arjun Mathur Shashank Arora Reema Kagti Sobhita Dhulipala Jim Sarbh

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