Seven years, six rejections: The untold story behind Zoya Akhtar's 'Luck By Chance'

Farhan Akhtar took to his social media account and shared a nostalgic video as Luck by Chance completes 15 years today.

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Farhan Akhtar

In the realm of Bollywood classics, Zoya Akhtar's directorial debut, "Luck By Chance," stands as a timeless gem that continues to captivate audiences even today. The film, celebrated for its unique narrative and impeccable storytelling, has garnered widespread critical acclaim, cementing its place in the hearts of cinephiles.

However, what often escapes the limelight is the arduous journey it took to bring "Luck By Chance" to life. Zoya Akhtar, then a debut director, revealed in a recent retrospective that it took her a staggering seven years to kickstart the project. 

Sharing a video on the 15th anniversary of the film, he wrote, "15 years of luck, chances and lots of memories. Celebrating #15YearsofLuckByChance"

Notably, she faced rejection from six actors she had initially approached to play the lead role. The seventh person to read the script turned out to be none other than her brother, Farhan Akhtar, who ultimately stepped in and delivered a performance that remains etched in the memories of audiences.

Farhan Akhtar, who eventually took on the lead role, not only saved the day but also left an indelible mark with his impeccable portrayal.

Fate took an unexpected turn when Zoya, encouraged by filmmaker Reema Kagti, witnessed Farhan's acting prowess in "The Fakir of Venice." Impressed by his talent, Zoya took the bold step of approaching Farhan to inquire if he would consider acting in her passion project, "Luck By Chance."

As we revisit the cinematic journey of "Luck By Chance," it's a testament to Zoya Akhtar's resilience and Farhan Akhtar's brilliance, a combination that breathed life into a classic that continues to leave an enduring impact on Bollywood enthusiasts.

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