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Review: 'Bloody Brothers' has good performances and moments but is far from a perfect thriller

((*** 3/5)) Bloody Brothers on Zee5 seems to make for a decent watch with the actors that truly win you over, as expected.

Published: Thursday,Mar 17, 2022 18:46 PM GMT-06:00
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Bloody Brothers review

Produced by Applause Entertainment, Bloody Brothers on Zee5 revolves around two brothers, Jaggi played by Jaideep Ahlawat and Daljeet played by Zeeshan Ayyub whose lives spin out of control when a tragic car accident occurs. What follows is a series of lies to conceal the truth however as more lies are told and more people get involved, it becomes impossible for the two brothers to escape the bloody mess unharmed. 

What remains to be seen is how far do the brothers go and how grave are the consequences? Packed with powerful performances and a riveting plot, ‘Bloody Brothers’ is a deliciously twisted tale of brotherhood, relationships, crime and drama.

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Jaideep does his job and ticks every box that is asked of him. While one does know his caliber, it might feel like his character could've been fleshed out slightly better. However, we aren't complaining because we know that he did his job just fine. His chemistry with Shruti Seth is also something that came off as very natural, and it's a plus up.

Zeeshan Ayyub is my personal favourite from the series because the bibliophile in me loves that he has a book store, quotes writers, and feels like quite a vibe. He has also performed his part well and there aren't any complaints that we have here. Jaideep and Zeeshan too, seem to get along great on-screen.

Tina and Zeeshan

Tina Desai is another top performer in this series. While you may or may not like her by the end of the story, she does get her character pretty well, and her chemistry with Zeeshan is also well. In fact, in that way, both Shruti and Tina get along with their on-screen partners pretty well, and it is fun to watch. Meanwhile, Shruti dons a role that we may or may not have imagined her play, and she does it just about right.

Satish Kaushik, Jitendra Joshi, Maya Alagh, among others, all play their parts well and seem like an apt casting in the roles that they don.

The Good

Well, it is the cliffhanger that the series leaves you at is what is the best part about the series. One of the best, if not the best, because we can't do away with the performances. You try to put things together, and you do, to a certain extent, but you don't get all of them right, and that's when the tables turn. The cinematography feels good and you want to see the setting of Ooty that you're shown. 

Zeeshan ayyub

On other occasions, the dark humour, as and where introduced, also sits well with you, and that is quite a one up on the series. The cinematography is good, and storytelling is fair, and everyone gets ample screen-time, courtesy numbered characters and limited scope of the story.

The Not So Good

The episodes, though only 6, feel like they could've been slightly shorter. There are moments you want to forward and that is never a good thing for any thriller that you are watching. There are some parts that feel unwanted, and often, don't go well, leaving you unsettled. One can do away with all the abusing that takes places, but there are other instances that don't sit well with you. For example, the scene with Jaideep and Satish's characters at the former's office, it just felt slightly off putting. 


Bloody Brothers on Zee5 seems to make for a decent watch with the actors that truly win you over, as expected. Though it does not make for a solid thriller, as you look for something to watch out for given the long weekend that it is going to be, this might make it to your list and also keep you hooked.

Ratings: *** stars (3/5)

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