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Review: Avengers - Endgame (WITHOUT SPOILERS)

Totally. Worth. It


How do I put this without sounding repetitive or cliche? The most-awaited..etc, etc. Oh, you know it already! This was the moment you and I along with millions were waiting for all this while. The endgame for Avengers is here and all the questions have finally been answered. Apart from being critical, one of the toughest tasks for me is going to be very careful about writing the review without spoilers. But I promise this is a spoiler-free review indeed. So, here we go-

The Story

Picking up almost literally and chronologically from Avengers: Infinity War, the film begins with Tony Stark stuck in space and giving his message to wife, Pepper Potts thinking he might just die soon. (not a spoiler, there in the trailer already). Post that, the quest to completely finishing Thanos and finding some way out to rectify what went wrong and resulted in half the world dying, begins.

The Surprises (Without Revealing Them)

Of course, we were bound to be bombarded by surprises. Being careful about what I say here, let me just say that Thor is in stark contrast with how he was in Avengers: Infinity War and so are several others. The one spoiler that I can give without any problems is that Joe Russo has a cameo in the film too. Pretty great, isn't it? While the other surprises are quite amazing too, it is the one about Thor that will get your jaw-dropped.

The Disappointments

Firstly, to the film's total credit where one thought the massive 3-hour runtime is going to be a major drag; well, that isn't entirely the case. In the second half, the film picks jet speed and overall, you aren't really bothered. But it is in the first 30 or 40 minutes, that things seem a tad boring.

Being nitpicky, there are only a couple of loopholes in the plot that of course, I cannot directly talk about but certainly are of notice. Only mentioning them here because my face turns green if I don't address them. (Get it?)

The Impact

Oh boy! Every bit of this endgame ride is entirely satisfying and absolutely breathtaking. The entire hype that the film had, coming into, is more than justified and nothing quite goes wrong otherwise. The climax is extended post the battle and while the latter part is slightly elongated, the climax battle will keep you on the edge-of-the-seat. And it is a long one too! Paul Rudd as Ant-Man deserves special mention as to how fabulous he was in the film. From being the comic relief to the hero when needed, Ant-Man is brilliant.

The Verdict

Just like it was promised, Avengers: Endgame will leave you breathless, teary-eyed, happy, sad and adrenaline-rushing, all at the same god damn time. I cannot think of a better way for the makers to end the saga of Avengers and even if you have spent a rather exorbitant amount on your ticket, every penny is going to be worth it.

Get ready to have goosebumps more often than not and also keep your tissues ready.

Special Input - Let me save you some time because I did not. This Marvel movie does NOT have a post-credits scene. So don't sit back if you don't want to.

Rating - **** (4/5)

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