Anupamaa: Titu questions Dimple about missing him over the past five years; she departs without responding

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show 'Anupamaa,' Titu encounters Dimple and asks her if she missed him in the past five years, but she leaves without responding.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, the piercing sound of the fire alarm fills the air, prompting Vikram's swift arrival. He rushes to Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) to inform her about Diya. Explaining the significance of smoke alarms, he emphasizes that they ring in the presence of smoke. Anupama, unaware of this, justifies placing the diya inside, to which Vikram cautions her about Yashpal ji's potential anger, urging her not to repeat the action. He advises her to conduct the puja outside, prompting Anupama to request a Tulsi pot.

Vikram clarifies that it's Holy Basil and promises to find one. Reminding her of the need to focus on work, he warns against unnecessary conversations to avoid Yashpal Ji's disapproval. Anupama complies, moving the diya outside and proceeding with her puja. After completing the ritual, she returns inside. Shruti arrives with Aadhya, who teasingly questions if Shruti is there for chole bhature. Shruti clarifies her intent to retrieve luggage and enters the house.

Anuj engages in a prayer for Aadhya, reflecting on her troubled past and expressing his desire for her happiness. Confused by unexpected memories, he questions why he's revisiting those moments of betrayal and separation. Meanwhile, Shruti and Anupama exchange bags, apologizing for the intrusion. Shruti, recognizing Anupama's Gujarati identity, affectionately addresses her as Joshi Ben and declines any refreshments due to her daughter's competition.

Anupama insists on offering sugar cubes (misri) as a gesture, but Shruti, though skeptical, accepts them appreciatively. Outside, Shruti acknowledges Anupama's magical aura to Aadhya, who remains disinterested in meeting new people. Back at the restaurant, Anupama continues her prayer for Aadhya's success.

Dimple, haunted by past dance aspirations and Vanraj's disapproval, encounters Titu. Startled, she asks him to stay away, aware of the consequences she will face if someone sees them together. Titu, aware of the risky situation, implores Dimple to acknowledge their connection. However, she rebuffs him, emphasizing her desire to sever ties. Their conversation hints at unresolved feelings over the years, and Titu questions if she ever missed him. Dimple departs from there without responding to Titu.


Anupama, during her puja, prepares masala tea and shares it with Vikram. Grateful for the gesture, he affectionately gives her the nickname "A." The conversation turns to family, and Anupama shares the ease with which her children adapted to their independent lives. She seeks guidance on obtaining a new passport, and Vikram advises her to apply for one.

Meanwhile, Yash Pal inspects the restaurant, noting a peculiar freshness amidst the familiar surroundings. Vikram acknowledges Yash Pal's keen senses, and the tension rises when Yash Pal questions the origin of the masala tea.

Precap: Anuj and Shruti enter the restaurant, coinciding with Anupama's exit. Aadhya spots Anupama, and Anuj tastes the masala tea, intensifying the unfolding drama.

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As usual, AnupaMaid is more interested in nautanki than work. And why do these men fall for tamaShahi unpaid maids. Life barbaad karna chahte hai kya by being related to this filthy family

3 months ago

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