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#Review: 6 main DEATHS; an underlying theme in the Battle Of Winterfell in 'Game Of Thrones'

We expected deaths, but 6!


It happened. It finally happened. Firstly, if you are expecting this to be a spoiler-free article, you have come to the wrong place as obviously, these days you just cannot wait to NOT watch a Game Of Thrones episode right away, isn't it? So, anyway coming back, it was THE episode you watch this show for. The impending doom finally arrived as the Night King and his army of dead faced off against human beings. So, here we roll-

What An Entry - And An Exit

In classic Game Of Thrones style, a battle episode begins on a rather mellow note with Samwell scared as hell going one place to another. But it was the moment that everybody waited for that took the cake and it was the entry of Lady Melisandre aka Red Woman (Carice Van Houten). While everybody is geared up for the battle, Melisandre makes the perfect entry as she comes and lights up the spears and swords of Dothrakis. The exit? Well, I will get on that later.

The Chaos

It is so easy, mind you, so easy to go wrong when there is absolute chaos and madness. But when Miguel Sapochnik is at the helm of things, I don't think anything can go wrong. The biggest constraint, however, with this one was how there was probably no light at all unlike the Battle Of Bastards or Hardhome back then. To shoot with no lights and shoot this carnage is a feat in itself.

Plenty Of Flashy Moments

This was always supposed to have an abundance of flashy moments and boy there were! From the Dead Dragon's blue fire coming on against actual fire to Night King rising after a fall to give the signature rising-from-the-dead pose again and many more, the visual treat, we were in for yet another BEST OF GOT.

The Music

I would have been the most disappointed person in the world had I not been treated with some fabulous background score and music for this. After Light Of The Seven in Season 6, Episode 10, Winds Of Winter, I and we as viewers were spoiled to only expect the best. And it did not fail! The melodious piano tunes at the climax of the episode with a montage of what everyone is indeed doing in their respective places made me just sit back and transport myself there with them.

Arya Oh Arya!

It wouldn't be unfair to say that in spite of this being the ultimate battle between two extremes, it was Arya Stark who was the hero of the episode. Almost 4 to 5 main sequences were dedicated to her and we understood it why only at the end. Guess who destroyed the Night King?  Arya. There was a slight moment of fear where I thought they are killing her off. Phew! That did not happen.

The Deaths

Talking about killing, let me come to the main deaths in the episode. By now, we know the way death in real life is certain so it is in Game Of Thrones too. Amongst the thousands that died otherwise, the episode had 5 main deaths to catch the notice of. Beginning with Edd to the heartbreaking but valiant death of Lyanna Mormont. But it is the other two deaths that broke my heart entirely and got me teary-eyed. That was of Ser Jorah and Theon. I would keep talking to everyone

how Theon Greyjoy is one of my favorite characters, more so because of the way Alfie Allen played it. But he is done now! And finally the exit of Melisandre I talked about in the beginning. She herself mouthed her fate to Ser Davos where she said that she will be dead before dawn. That is how the episode called it curtains as Melisandre vanished away, where on the other hand Beric Dondarrion also died after serving his purpose.

Jon and Dany - The Biggest Losers

I don't mind loser-loser. But I partly do. From the fact that Jon and Dany ended up doing nothing but flying their respective dragons here and there. Jon did have his moments of bravery but it was rather stupid too. Going against the Night King one-on-one or going against Viserion? What was he thinking? Both those times, he was saved by others. Dany, for the first time, saw death as close as ever where she fell off from her dragon and while one of the whites came to kill her, she was saved by Ser Jorah. Dany realized how being a queen and mouthing words is not it and of course, her biggest loss happened in the form of Ser Jorah.

The Underlying Theme

Firstly, what the hell was Bran was warging in with those ravens? What did those ravens do? Not much of an idea there. But the episode reflected an underlying theme which is what at least I interpreted. Sometimes, being brave is not about having a battle but is about knowing what you can not do. Sansa taught that. Sometimes, who we think to be brave and powerful men with a macho exterior isn't what we need when death is near you. Your mind, your persistence matters!

What Next?

Amongst many other things that we now await, I have really been missing Lena Headey's Cersei as she hasn't now appeared in two whole episodes. So, I know that things are going to get madder as she comes back in the next episode. Now that the Army Of The Dead has been dealt with, the throne is back up for grabs of sorts. But a lot of other things will be taken care of till then. Thus ends one of the biggest episodes of Game Of Thrones and I am still enamored by it.


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