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Rent A Boyfriend? Probably not!

TV actors give their view on the same...


Probably one of the most bizarre apps around, Rent A Boyfriend assures you that you will be cured of depression, once you use the app. TV actors give their view on the same. With the verdict of the supreme court on decriminalisation of section 377 the topic is the talk of the town!
Gurpreet Singh

I have never been on any of these sites. This new surprising app 'rent a boyfriend' has like no emotion. In my view, the source of getting to know people for a match doesn't matter, what matters is you get the right person. I just wish that it won't be misused. It feels like this generation is less emotional and more practical.

Naveen Sharma

This is such a stupid app...depression is caused when our expectations are not fulfilled, therefore we should stop expecting only. If depression is caused because of us only then why we are looking for the cure from someone else!

Romit Raj

Honestly, I am old-school. I believe love is the purest form of emotion. In today's time, unfortunately, people are having sex with strangers and calling it spicing up their life or doing something exciting which is ridiculous. An app to rent a boyfriend is just one way of sugarcoating hiring male and female escorts.

Ayush Anand:

I would like to say to each his own. But having said that, I want to add that I don't believe in such apps because the best way to deal with depression is to share your feelings with your loved ones. It may not necessarily be your boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be your close family members or friends. Because talking and letting go of your feelings is the most important. You don't know who the other person is on the other side and what is their intention.

Sneha Wagh

Rent a boyfriend? Tomorrow they'll come up with renting other family members. It's better to cling onto loved ones rather than clinging on to this foolishly dependent app. Make real-time for real family and friends. Renting relationships is one step closer to idiocracy. 

Ayyaz Ahmed

Well, the millennials have already accepted it, the more the boost of internet and technology the more weird ideas will come in future. All I can say is we have to embrace the. It's a very interesting application which will be making money out of people's misery.

Shivin Narang

We are living a fast-developing world and with the internet, things have been growing faster, though I don't see wrong people have to have their own senses in judging with what's wrong. This kind of app is no less than the food ordering app that you order, eat and get content. I am quite internet savvy but when it comes to relationships and depression, I always go to people who actually care about me and not someone who has to be paid to spend time with me. 

Shamin Mannan

Rent a boyfriend app is actually shocking to me. Is a boyfriend all that a woman needs? Or for that matter who said a boyfriend is enough to cure depression? Depression is a serious issue, and this kind of a platonic relationship will make it worse. In depression, the first thing is that you need to stay real you can't get yourself in a fantasy bubble like this app which will eventually only mess up the whole situation rather than curing it.
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ArnavMalhotra 2018-09-09T05:15:48Z Lmao! So basically this rent a boyfriend thing is a way for lonely people to have a boyfriend for sharing their sorrows, and may be have romance and/or sex.

Personally I don't think it's right on the part of our television celebrities to say derogatory things about anyone who uses this app.

Humans are social beings, and they need companionship. Everyone is different. Some pole might think they are not good looking, some might think they are fat, etc. So there's absolutely nothing wrong in using such an app.

Call me any name you want, but it's the truth. Everyone wants to have a companion for romance and sexua intimacy, it's human nature (except asexual people who don't want to have sex). So instead of being judgmental we should try to be broad-minded and more accepting.

What a person does in his/her private life is none of anyone's business.
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