Reena Kapoor back to Woh Rehne Wali...

Reena Kapoor, who has been the Face of Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki talks of her comeback...

Reena Kapoor, the face of the Sahara One show Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki, produced by Rajshri Productions is back as she replaces Neha Janpandit. We talk to her on her comeback and the way in which she is planning to take the show ahead.
“I don't know the reason why they called me back. I just received a call from the production house and today I'm happy to be back”, quips Reena.
“Rajshri has always been my priority and I'm very much comfortable working with them. In other words, you can say that I am more than happy to be back”, she adds further.
On asking why she chose to leave the show earlier, and the feeling in her now, as she replaces Neha, she avers, “It was the decision of the creative team at that time also, and even when I am coming back, it's their call. It's their job to study the TRPs. I'll do my job as always”.
Our khabroo from the production house says, "The TRP's of the show was declining and even the audience wanted to see Reena back in the show. The channel and production house then decided to bring her back to save the serial”.
So what did Reena do in her break? “I was at peace, reading biographies, spiritual books and relaxing. Between that I also did a reality show and realized that I don't fit in that book at all”, laughs she.
Elaborating on her experience in Saas V/s Bahu she states, “It was a good experience as I learned to dance, and today I'm confident enough to go on stage also. A bad thing that I experienced was the bitching, and I got to know that the mental stress in these reality shows is not my cup of tea”.
So no more reality shows for you? “You may never know, if I get a good offer I may like to give it another try”, states Reena.
On her Bollywood plans, she concludes saying “I do have that plan in mind. Well, if I get good offers I don't mind doing it”.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Reena Kapoor

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Neha Janpandit

Comments (26)

Reena i was praying that u cme back in wrwmk

13 years ago

welcome back reena..the show was so boaring without wrwmk ill definetly rock as usual.

15 years ago

thanks for take back her
i <3 her and arjun punj
both look very preety with each other...
welcome reena my <3

15 years ago

A very good news of the day. I am so happy. Is it real??

15 years ago

i hav become bored seein her as same yaar... why replace rani... give her sumthin else...

15 years ago

OMGG.. NOOOOOOO!! i want her to come back but not as Rani.. i like neha janpandit ..
Sry but its awkward to place reena in neha''s shoes.. ..
i m reallyy disappointed.. no more WRWMK..its sucks!

15 years ago

Omg no.
I wanted Reena to be back as Pari ! Not as Rani
its kinda awkward!

15 years ago

just a question, how accurate are these articles? (no way questioning the reporter) but maybe things are lost in translation. did she really say the B word?

15 years ago

yes now again ill watch show..but i think they should replace rani''s husband coz reena wont look good wid him..lets see wat happens..hope for the best!!welcome reena um glad ur back

15 years ago

eww.noo!! i mean i want reena to be back but not to replace rani.. i mean i like neha nad karan!!! will reena look good with karan?? its going to be awkward now..

but welcome back reena..

15 years ago

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