Ratan misses her Maayka..

The actress of Zee's Agle Janam misses the village scenario and her parental family...

We are talking about Laali aka Ratan Rajput, the protagonist of Zee's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo of Swastik Pictures. Since the storyline has shifted base from her parental house to the Thakur family, the venue of shooting has also been changed.

Says Ratan Rajput, "After my Gauna sequence, we have moved to Mumbai from Wahi and we shoot at Film City. However, after coming here, I really miss the village Goliwadi".

"Laali has definitely been missing her maayka, but I too miss the beautiful scenery, the house and everyone as I no longer shoot in that scenario. I used to have lot of fun out there and don't mind shifting my base all over again," she adds.

Guess audience also misses the fun-filled days of Laali in the village!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


Ratan Rajput

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judyp 11 years ago Gur.N.cool
I agree they may be financially well off but my issue is creating the Thakur as a romantic hero. Notice the son for Lalli is not the rough older brother but the young pampered son. He''s pleasing to look at. His wife is very pampered... That creates a possible hero coming to the rescue of those unfortunate girls. 2nd marriages are not unusually in India or around the world especially when a couple is barren. But to chose Lalli - a low caste girl that was sold can built up expectation in those young romantic girls watching the show - that being sold is not bad - prince charming might save me... I might be wrong....
judyp 11 years ago Thanks

Initially I watch the show but as a social message I think the producers should be cautious, because of trp the show is starting to have a romantic twist - selling Lalli off and she ends up having the children of a young pampered Thakur- living in a big mansion (compared to being hungry day-in-day-out)....For the strong-willed Lalli this might be bad but for the people out there who actual think of selling their daughters that future might not be so bad
nancy_loveSK 11 years ago yes i miss too.especially their lovely scenes

but i have noticed that lali hardly missed her mayka she always think abt her husband........
Gur.N.cool 11 years ago yes i miss her village as well, I hope they bring back into the story again, and that she is bale to unite with her parents
Zebii02 11 years ago I love Agle Janam and i am eager to know what''s going to happen next...

All the best for the further storyline Ratan...
Mrs.K.B.Sobti 12 years ago i dont get it....

no elimination = no winner

sorry but it sounds stupid although i'll watch it for some of the participants and karan
nimrah 12 years ago dmg is nt a comedy show..its a fun filled show.. anyway..wud love to see ksg as a host.. :D but i dnt get it..if there r no eliminations..how will the show ever some to an end? :S
Ranbirrocks 12 years ago Why is it raining dance reality show on TV?
nirali_shah91 12 years ago wow Karan...!!!! to watch him is a treat...!!! :o)
Shilpa.Agarwal 12 years ago dis'll be sooo much fun!karan as anchor will be a treat to watch!!
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