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Rashmi weds Vikrant in Jyoti...

Jyoti finally succeeds in getting Vikrant and Rashmi together in Imagine TV's, Jyoti...

Jyoti (Sneha Wagh)has finally succeeded in getting justice for Rashmi ( Pooja Sharma) in Imagine and Sphere Origin Jyoti.

As we know Jyoti has asked the media to come over to Raghvendra 's (Rituraj) house. Raghvendra now has the fear that the CD of the sting operation might get leaked to media. Hence he gives his approval for Rashmi and Vikrant's (Ankit Arora) wedding.
Tonight episode will show lot of drama happening amidst wedding of Vikrant and Rashmi.  Our source tell us " As the wedding rituals happen, Harmukhi through her maid sends a poison filled sweet for Rashmi who consumes it. This may lead to some major tension and drama which will provide for an interesting episode."

When contacted Ankit Arora says "Yes Vikrant gets forced into the marriage. There are lot of twist and turns to come, I am really enjoying  my role."

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Ranjini Nair


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NancyNuts 10 years ago gud...dat finally Cs, RP n vikrant r forced to accept the marriage ......i too think thats its not the better thing to do with rashmi as it will b ruining her life more......but thr wasn't any other option left ........i guess may b vikrant change after marriage...n if not then our mahan jyoti will surely do this task..... :D
naseemabaig 10 years ago marriage was not the solution for rashmis happiness, vikrant will torture her more after marrg. Forcing rashmi to marry a guy whi doesnt love her or care for her was not gud on jyotis part! Insted she shud have made vik realise his mistake and accept both rashm an baby
tulipbaby53 10 years ago i think it would have been better to teach Rashmi to be independent rather than ruining her life by forcing Vikrant to marry her
yipee 10 years ago thanks...hopefully injustice shud not happen after marriage
Isa_de 10 years ago Is marriage the solution for this injustise???
Shaina_b 10 years ago Whats the use of this marriage??He will torture her after marriage!!!!

vaishal.dalal 10 years ago damn...this is not good dat harmukhi succeeds
pankhi 10 years ago Gr888 news...
Vikrant is too much. He should accept RASHMI......But wil he justice 2 RASHMI after marriage????
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