Rashmi Pitre dabbles in poetic paintings

Rashmi Pitre holds a solo painting exhibition in December

Published: Saturday,Dec 08, 2012 11:44 AM GMT-07:00
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We had earlier reported about the talented TV actor Rashmi Pitre dabbling in painting. This gifted painter is holding her solo painting exhibition from December 10th to 22nd December, 2012 in Pradarshak Art Gallery in Khar. The theme of her exhibition is 'Painting with Poetry'. She explains, "It's my own poetry on canvas which has been widely appreciated. In this collection I have thirteen to fourteen works of art with 150 English poems. My poems are on spirituality and opinions and perceptions of life. Both my paintings and poetry are abstract in nature. Painting with poetry is a blessed experience in itself, the soulful touch of the journey from the heart of the painting to the heart of the poetry going hand in hand underlines the experience of a lifetime. I write my own poetry on canvas. I love my freedom and independence to work with the brush and feel that painting should be spontaneous art and not planned at all. I love colours, its vibrancy, its brightness, they give me energy- my work is inspired by nature and the environment largely. Also visiting different ancient Indian sites, ancient temples and caves form a part of my favourite holiday adventures. I love to sketch at a sea shore, river side or sitting on a roof top in a village. I enjoy it all, my thoughts spontaneously take the form of poetry which comes naturally to me and flows on my canvas. It's an exciting and amusing process."

In January, Rashmi's paintings will also be displayed at the painting exhibition at the Cymroza Art Gallery at Breach Candy from 15th January to 19th January 2013. Paintings of eminent artistes from India and abroad will be displayed in that exhibition.

Rashmi has been perusing the art of painting since her early childhood. She's received over 60 prizes and medals in top state and national competitions. She has over 30 art exhibitions and shows in India and abroad to her credit. After four successful art shows in Canada she has just finished an art exhibition in Canada in which her painting was selected for the poster of the prestigious group art show of 11 artists from 9 countries. She has collections in Switzerland, Canada and India. Her paintings were exhibited in the India art Festival 2012.

Rashmi has studied Ancient Indian Culture (Philosophy) from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai for five years- B.A. with Honours and has done a Diploma in Original Philosophy of Buddhism from K.J. Somaiya Institute of Religious Studies, Vidyavihar, Mumbai 2007. She is also a professional theatre actor and has acted in commercial and experimental plays for six years.

She writes English poems and has over 150 English poems to her credit. She has coordinated painting with poetry since many years. She has sold many paintings. 
Philosophy and spirituality are concepts widely seen in her works.  She has been acknowledged with over 15 Best Actress prizes in state and national competitions.

You may visit her website at http://rashmipitreartistnpoetess.ning.com. India-forums.com wishes this versatile lady all the best in her career- be it acting, writing poetry or painting. 

A peek into the world of Rashmi's poetry:

 A beautiful painting


That all I had in my heart

Was all soft spoken by the art

It hurt me a bit as I looked at it

But it unfolded a picture I had truly never believed!


But I felt the warmth of her feelings

When my conscience hugged me a little

The blue face dipped in the universe of grief,

I thought would never come out of belief!


Abruptly it revealed to me,

Everything was fair when you thought it correct!

And the fire below,

Reached the sky…

That filled it with pure plums of hope!

Could you tell me…

"What the lady in the mirror had in real?"

A pessimist figure, An Optimist mind!

Living Legends


Cemented concretes surround the living souls in congestion.

Admiring my demand to move my arms free

Like a river finding her way between the coinciding branches of the green foliage,

I decided to take a quiet walk along the narrow lane in my area..,

spread like the soft fibers of the strong holds in the bosom of the earth..


And to my surprise,

With each ray falling on my fresh skin

I began to bathe in the aura like a rainbow in rains of the clouds in the month of sravan

Peeping silently like the white milky stars in the dark of the night…

I witnessed that festive rhythmic dance of those ochre-brown sticks

Somewhere standing straight and somewhere bent and confidently turned

Dressed in rich gown with shades of pleasant green with decorative ribbons of red, olive maroon, Persian, chrome and beige and colors out of explanation.


Conversing to themselves the growth of their happiness,

Making those graceful moves of patience, tolerance, giving and joyousness

They began filling my meditation with pastel shades of peace inexperienced.

Walking along those patches wet with the warm welcome of the dews

I entered in the world of fulfillment, pleasure and happiness undefined.

The love, the kindness, the purity in me unfolded its petals inspired by the blossom of those lovely flowers.

It hugged the perfume of their incense.

Thus thanking the Providence for this bliss…

My eye wandered for a moment and got stable on my left finger…

The ring said its time and look at the car man waiting for you in white..

Realizing the truth of my birth…

I entered and sat on my seat waving only a 'Good Bye' to those 'Living Legends'.   


Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya
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jasmeet92 5 years ago It is very nice movie and the stroy of the movie is superb and star cast of the movie perform a amazing role in the movie. I really like this movie.
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AbbyKapoor 9 years ago great to see ur work here.. loved ur poetry Rashmi.. very touching n thoughtful.. would love to read more ... wish u loads of luck n happiness..
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ande1111 9 years ago Good luck Rashmi.
Would love to see your work online.
Missing you and Chotu in DABH these days.
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vish.naren 9 years ago Glad to know Rashmi, My wishes n prayers!!!...
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b2011 9 years ago Congratulations Rashmi...!!!!! Happy for you.
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nehnehneji 9 years ago Wow, go Rashmi go!!!

Does anyone know if there might be a website with some examples of her work, or where you can read Rashmi's poetry?
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harathi5 9 years ago best wishes for u rashmi.. way to go.. :)
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sweetycutie 9 years ago happy for you dear...wish you gud luck!!:-)
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-Muskii- 9 years ago I'm so glad to hear about this , Good luck Rashmi
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shwetha85 11 years ago Why they don't have Ashish Sharam's name in the cast list?? He is also a part of LSD...His name is no where seen!!!
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