Rashmi Desai's 1000 rupees tea!

Rashmi Desai turned tea maker on the set of Colors'Uttaran

Rashmi Desai who plays the character of Tapasya in 'Uttaran' had a gala time on the sets recently. As Rashmi Desai is fond of ginger tea, she came up with the idea of treating the whole cast and crew with the same and decided to make tea for all of them. But she was clueless about the reward she will be getting for her deed.

 A source says, "After Rashmi's pack up, she went inside the canteen and started making tea. Later on, she served the whole cast and crew including the canteen boy her special Ginger tea. Everyone just loved it. They were not ready to believe that Rashmi had actually made it.  They just went on praising her for the same."

When asked about the special tea recipe Rashmi, she said, "The secret is to over boil the milk so it thickens; it gives that extra zing to your regular cup of tea as it is much creamier and adding a pinch of ginger in it gives it a special taste."

Talking about the reward, she says, "Actually there was nothing to do in the canteen except tea, so I tried my hands on it and it became so tasty that my director rewarded me with thousand rupees to give such a lovely tea. Though I was denying the reward but reluctantly I have to take it."

Reporter and Author :Tejashree Bhopatkar


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niloferkhan 9 years ago she is soooo koool.......i jus love her acting......
-Preeti- 9 years ago Thats nyc
wishing u all the best rashmi
SourCandyDrop 9 years ago LOOOOOL thats so sweet and i'd make tea everyday if I got paid 1000 rupees for it :P
niloferkhan 9 years ago so sweeet of her.....luv u rashmi..........u jus awesum.......!!!!!!!
tulipbaby53 9 years ago 1000 Rs for tea? :O She's one lucky gal! lol.
Gnarly_Quinn 9 years ago @pia
lol :D... i think they work on different sets now..nandish too couldnt taste her tea in that case, although m sure she'll make him some later ;)
Pirated_Fun 9 years ago So sweet .. I really wanna know if she has given the tea to Tian Dutta ... After all they are good friend, :P
KWfan 9 years ago soooo sweet..................................
Shaina_b 9 years ago Thats so sweet!!!!

And reward is good!!!!

Ishan. 9 years ago Rs. 1000 for tea ?? Shocked *learns to make Ginger Tea * LOL LOL
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