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Rashami Desai on web debut with Tandoor, Tanuj Virwani being an amazing co-star and more

Rashami Desai spoke to India Forums ahead of the release and spoke about the prep, co-star Tanuj Virwani, and more.

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Rashami Desai

Rashami Desai has been in the news for her upcoming web series ‘Tandoor’ on ULLU. The trailer of the web series has been in the news for a very long time and she continues to receive a lot of love. She spoke to India Forums ahead of the release and spoke about the prep, co-star Tanuj Virwani, and more.

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The response has been amazing so far. Is it overwhelming?

I am getting an amazing response, people are curious because of the topic that w have chosen. From my childhood, I've heard of it, let's see. I never knew that I would be executing this kind of story.

The content of the web show can lead to mixed reactions, is that something that you gave a thought to?

The script is very interesting, and the narration from Nivedita ma'am made me say yes. The story is starting from very unexpected situations, and the person they are talking and crying about is not only in the frame, and the person may not be there throughout the script but she is still there and the execution is very interesting. Sometimes, as an actor, you all have seen me in different avatars, but you are seen and your voiceovers are on, but here, the script and subject are so big, that the impact is so powerful, and someone else is talking about you. This is not something that I have done, and I got the chance to do it. It gave me a different kind of feel, and that people will love me because they want to know more, and even earlier, there were theories, and third, there are certain modifications due to multiple reasons. 

What kind of prep went into the show?

We did workshops and the kind of homework I did, was different. When we went to the sets, a lot of changes came in. Because she is from Haryana and ambitious, and a very beautiful, sorted woman, but she is in a situation and does not know what to do and messes up unknowingly, so all those things were difficult for me, and this is about switching between the past and present, so I used to mix things up.

Something you will remember from the shooting...

For two-three days, there was this one scene we did in the end, which I won't give details about it, but I had a lot of pain in the head when a little something happened on the sets, and it was kind of funny, so those things are the kind that will stay with me forever. It was my first series, my first project, such a small schedule. What used to happen earlier was we used to go to the same set for 6-7 years and for this, it started and it ended, and I am like a child on the set also, so there was a lot of fun that went down.

About co-actors...

Honestly speaking, I get scared and I get stress when my co-actors are not very great because I get possessive wondering that he does not spoil my scene. But to be honest, they have done a fabulous casting and I had more scenes with Tanuj, he is someone who is very good, his point of view is so interesting, he is a fabulous actor, and I have learned so many things from him. I think he was into direction earlier, so the vision he has is so interesting. I had never met him before that so I was skeptical earlier, because we have to play husband and wife, and there was time on TV, but here, the direction style is different, so he supported me a lot and was very understanding. 

What are you looking forward to next?

I have started what I wanted to do, my journey has reached somewhere that I wanted to be. Now, I have no idea how long this journey will be, and when will the dreams that I am holding onto fulfill, but I am exploring myself as an actor. I want to do different things from what I have done but haven't gotten the opportunity.`

Rashami Desai Tanuj Virwani

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bahi. 10 days ago Tanuj Virwani is doing great on OTT. His choice of projects are so different and refreshing. Can't wait for Tandoor.
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