Rakshas: Ranveer Singh, Prasanth Varma's movie officially shelved; read statement

After a number of reports on Rakshas on how Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma are not on the same wavelength creatively, it is official that it is shelved. The duo promised to work together in the future

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Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma officially part ways

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The duo have promised to collaborate in the future Image Courtesy: Instagram

It is official. Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma have parted ways on Rakshas. The Singham 3 star was supposed to enter the Telugu film industry with Rakshas. It was made on the folklore of the Brahmarakshas. Ranveer Singh would have been a great choice for the role. It was reported that he did shoot for four to five days with the production. A special shoot was also done for the same. Soon, reports came of how the makers and Ranveer Singh had some disagreements. It seems they had a problem with the entourage of the young actor. As we know, Bollywood stars have a huge retinue of staff members ranging from gym trainer and chef. It seems members of the producers’ team did not like the alleged high-handed behavior of Ranveer Singh’s team. 

Soon, reports came that Ranveer Singh has flown back to Mumbai after five days of shoot. Prasanth Varma admitted that they were disagreements but they are looking to find a mid-way. But it seems that is not happening. They have decided to shelve Rakshas. An official statement has come. It reads that it is not happening due to creative issues. Ranveer Singh has described Prasanth Varma as a special talent and looked forward to joining forces in the future. It seems they met and discussed a movie. The filmmaker has said that Singh is a rare talent amongst actors. 

Take a look at the official statement


This news is somewhat disappointing. Ranveer Singh with his personality fits the mould of commercial South Indian movies. Prasanth Varma said that in the South everyone works like a family, and there is a humble attitude. As per some reports the team of Mythri Movie Makers were shocked when news of Ranveer Singh leaving the film made headlines. They had apparently hoped to quietly sort out things with the Singham 3 actor. Others even said he cited personal reasons for quitting the movie. 

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