Rakhi with Handcuffs: Virrudh

This Raksha Bandhan, the characters of Virrudh have a Raksha Bandhan that doesnt involve Rakhi and celebrations, rather, the day is filled with tears, hatred and handcuffs. Read on...

Published: Monday,Aug 27, 2007 15:06 PM GMT-06:00
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As the story of Virrudh evolves, the distances between the Raisighania family members’ keeps on increasing. Dhirendra continues to brainwash the members of the family to go against Vasudha. While Vasudha, on seeing her family breaking up, decides to make things right between her and Dhirendra. Dhirendra continues to play games with Vasudha, but asking her about Shahlini. To add to the turmoil, Vedika hears the entire conversation between Vasudha and Dhirendra. Vedika confronts Dhirendra about Shahlini, to which he bluntly replies that Shahlini is the one who shot him., this makes Vedika hate Vasudha even more. Vedika fails to understand that why would Vasudha take sides of the woman who tried to kill their father.

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Comes Raksha Bandhan, leaving aside the tensions that surround the famiy, Vasudha, Shreya and Vedika visit Vedant in his small town home, to tie Rakhi, but are shocked to see the police arresting Vedant for causing unrest in the mill. Vasudha gets shattered seeing her brother in such a state while Vedika gets mad at Vedant and insults him by throwing the Rakhi on the floor and walking away. Just then, it is revealed that Vedika is the culprit for Vedant going to Jail.

Vasudha goes to the police station to meet Vedant, but in vain. Vasudha pleads the cops to let her tie rakhi on Vedant’s hand, but to only get disappointment. Just when a defeated Vasudha walks away, Vedant breaks free from the police’s grip and rushes to Vasudha.

Will Vasudha be able to full fill her duties as a sister? Will Vedika and Dhirendra succeed in ruining Vasudha’s life? To find out more, tune into Sony Entertainment Television, Monday to Thursday at 9:30pm.

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parminder1220 15 years ago ALL the BEST

Nice article & pics too
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smartc 15 years ago Love this show.. Hope they dont drag it though... Thanxx for sharing
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ammmu 15 years ago Noooo, i was hoping for Vedika to not go against Vasudha! :(

That's sad, she can't tie rakhi on Vedant... thanks Anju!
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shaheera21 15 years ago Hello Vasudha i see everityme your show Virrudh i like so much this show..my name is Shaheera...did u like Suchant?...but plzz maried whit suchant cuz i know you like him and he like you...but aniwaiz plzz reply me to Shaheera
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tumhari? 15 years ago thnx alot i am really waiting too see this
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blyton 15 years ago Oh gosh....this DRS just gets worse and worse and there seems to be no respite for Vasudha!
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helipatel 15 years ago thanks for the article.
smriti rocks.
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angelroses 15 years ago thanks for the article i hope vasu suceeds cnt wait for the epi going to be gr8 yeh
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angel00 15 years ago I hope vasuda will suceed! And I hope that they have a great rakshabandhan!!
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ajab 15 years ago thanx but now this soap is very disoppointing ve no logic
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