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Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh Singh’s first wife exposes him; says he would go with Shamita, if given a chance

Rakhi Sawant entered Bigg Boss 15 as a wild card along with her husband Ritesh Singh. Now, Ritesh’s first wife Snigdha Priya has come out in open and shared her side of the story.

Published: Friday,Dec 10, 2021 09:08 AM GMT-07:00
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Rakhi, Ritesh and Snigdha

Bigg Boss 15 has become quite entertaining with the wildcards adding spice in the show. The makers made every possible effort in making the show a superhit. They brought in Rakhi Sawant along with her mysterious husband Ritesh which did attract eyeballs.

Rakhi and Ritesh are apparently married for two years but Ritesh couldn’t reveal himself because of his professional issues. But now, the actress managed to get her husband on national television. Ritesh has been gaining accolades for his stint in the show as he comes across as a good played who takes his firm stand on several topics.

Well, now Ritesh Singh’s first wife Snigdha Priya shared her side of the story with a media house. In a candid chat Snigdha exposed Ritesh and stated that they’re not yet divorced and Ritesh is a greedy individual. In a candid chat, she also revealed that she has faced physical abuse and is now leading a single life and taking care of her six years old baby boy all by herself.

How did you and Ritesh get married?

We got married on 1st December 2014 in Ritesh’s place in Vidya Vihar. It has been seven years and we have a six-year-old baby boy. It was an arranged marriage. My relative found his profile on a matrimonial site and felt that it was suitable for me. Our parents met and the first question that my father asked his family was that if they want dowry and they stated that they don’t need it as Ritesh earns a hefty amount of money. They only wanted a fair daughter-in-law. But later, his parents demanded 30 lac rupees which irked my father and he decided to dissolve the alliance. However, later things got sorted out and as per a ritual in Bihar, one needs to block the alliance by paying an amount to the groom’s family, I withdrew 60,000 rupees from my account and gave it to Ritesh’s father. Although his family demanded things for dowry, I was looking at the positive aspect that Ritesh is a nice guy and he isn’t asking for anything. He had told me that he can’t intervene much as his family is following the tradition and if he intervenes, the family would think that I’ve manipulated him to speak on my behalf. So, I let go of things. Later, my family paid him 25 lac which he has now kept in fixed deposit. My sisters gave him gold rings which he has given to his mother. I have no clarity over what all we got as gifts from our families. His family hardly gave me anything in the wedding.

When did you last speak to him?

I didn’t speak to him over a call but we had a chat in September. He was asking for a divorce. I told him that for two years I’m as it is out of his life. But he insisted about divorce as he plans to enter politics. However, because of the case filed against him, he is facing roadblocks.

Which case are you talking about?

Ritesh was an abusive husband. He used to physically abuse me and hit me black and blue. I let go of it as he would later apologize. But one unfortunate day, he hit me continuously for four hours. I was in the bedroom and his family was sitting in the hall but nobody came to my rescue. He would take breaks in between and return to hit me after a while. This continued for some four hours until I got severely injured and started bleeding. He got scared and took me to the hospital. He lied to the hospital staff that we fell off from the bike. While the nurse was treating me, and the moment she put the curtains, I pleaded her to drop me until the airport. Later, I used her phone and called my father and narrated the incident. He immediately sent one of my relative for my rescue and I left him from that day on wards. After I left, he called me and accused me of taking his valuables and checking his certificates.

Which certificates are you talking about?

He always had the insecurity that I check his certificate to gauge his background. I found it fishy and one fine day, I ended up checking it and I came to know that his claims of studying from IIT are fake.

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Ritesh and Snigdha in happier times

There are claims that Ritesh is an NRI and he kept his marriage with Rakhi a secret because of his profession. Your take on it.

All of it are fake claims. He isn’t an NRI. As far as I’ve seen, the family was also not quite well to do. They didn’t even have smart phones before we got married. He quoted his salary to be 4 lac but I found out that it was a lie too.

How did you come to know about Rakhi and Ritesh?

My sister’s friend watches the show and she told my sister about the same. My sister saw the episode closely and heard his voice and understood that he is my husband. She called me to inform me. I happened to see a glimpse from the show, where they were sleeping on a bed together. I couldn’t muster the courage to see it further as it would only hurt me. I wanted to divert my mind. I keep myself super busy the entire day so that I don’t think about him. I want to focus on bringing up my child and making ends meet.

Ritesh claimed that he got a great companion in Rakhi and she has made his life better. Your take on it.

Well, with me, Ritesh was quite strict and he always asked me to cover my body properly and looking at him praising Rakhi is a little weird as Rakhi often even exposes her body. I came across her video with someone named Deepak Kalal and their conversation was quite vulgar. Ritesh don’t appreciate all of that as a husband.

Why do you think Ritesh is with Rakhi?

Money. He can do a lot of things for money. If he gets someone richer than her (Rakhi) he will not even bat an eyelid and will ditch her. If Shamita gives him signals, he will not even think for a second before leaving Rakhi and going with Shamita.

Will you enter Bigg Boss 15 house, if given a chance?

Yes. But not as a contestant. I would like to face Ritesh and Rakhi. I don’t have anything against Rakhi, as I know that she wasn’t aware of Ritesh being married and having a baby. Ritesh is quite a talker. He can manipulate anyone and everyone. He can twist his lies and make you believe in it. So, I don’t really feel Rakhi is wrong. But, I would want to face Ritesh. I don’t know what I will tell him, but would face him for sure.

What are your views on the revelations made by Snigdha Priya? Hit the comment section below.

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VS-Cool 5 months ago If it's plan and fake marriage than rakhi is seriously disgusting man
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priya185 5 months ago That is very sad and disturbing to hear
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mehak_kapoor 5 months ago What is even there to be surprised about? It is all fake and pre planned. Even Rakhi is a part of it
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