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Rakhi Sawant to tutor Kanyas in Perfect Bride..

Rakhi Sawant whose Swayamvar did not culminate in her wedding, will be seen gracing the Finale of Star Plus' Perfect Bride, where she will lend some 'Gyaan' to the girls...

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Rakhi Sawant will very well be remembered for being the gutsy lady who chose to part ways with her would-be husband soon after her lavish Swayamvar on National Television!! If that was not enough, the item girl will now be seen tutoring the girl- contestants of Star Plus' Perfect Bride, in fact giving them 'Gyaan' on the mistakes that they should not commit while choosing their life partner.

So what if Rakhi Sawant could not become the 'Perfect Bride', she will be seen gracing the Grand Finale of Perfect Bride next week, and will be performing too. Well, are we now wondering whether this show will culminate in a wedding, or whether Rakhi's influence on the Kanyas will dampen proceedings in the Finale?

Let us see what Rakhi has to say about her presence in Perfect Bride.

An elated Rakhi tells us, "Yes, I will be there for the Grand Finale of Perfect Bride. My main intention in going there is to give suggestions to the Kanyas, because I don't want them to repeat the same mistake that I committed, by choosing Elesh Parujanwala as my life partner".
Rakhi goes back to the days of her Swayamvar and says, "I knew that all the contestants were there in the show just to get fame. But I chose Elesh and got engaged because I thought we will get ample time to know and understand each other. This is the reason why we chose to do Pati Patni aur Woh".

She goes on. "I don't know whether they showed this on television or not, but Elesh confessed to me in the show that he agreed to be part of the Swayamvar just to get famous, as he intended to become an actor. He thought that he had no chance of winning the competition as he lacked fluency in English. However I chose him, but heart of hearts he did not want to marry an Indian girl".

Rakhi also said that their ideologies clashed, and he turned out to be a person who disrespected India and our culture. "I will be sharing all my happy and sorrow moments with the Kanyas on Perfect Bride", insists Rakhi.

Ask her about the rumour doing rounds that she will be involved in a Swayamvar 2, and she quickly states, "My heart is really broken. I went for the Swayamvar to get my life partner, but what can I do if people came just to get famous? I am so upset about the whole thing that I do not go out of my home a lot. What drags me out is the urge to work in order to fill my stomach. This is why I decided to perform in Perfect Bride".

Rakhi personally likes the girls Priyanka Sharma and Rumpa.

After all the sermons given by Rakhi, we wonder whether Star Plus will be able to stick to their promise of hosting a marriage for the first time on Indian Television…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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uknaik99 11 years ago good luck girls.. bhartiya Nari herself teaching the life's lesson..
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bewafa 11 years ago hahaha

sooo....rakhi ji, you didn't know that the men were here for fame?
why do you want to show every decision, every happening of your life on TV?

i started liking her after big boss....but then, everywhere she went....the same rona-dhona.

yeh, tutor the girls for what? hahahaha @ ishan.k's comment LOL
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Kareena's World
Kareena's World 11 years ago it was obvious to all even before swayamvar started that all the guys will just be there to get attention and fame...a decent guy with decent intentions would not want to get married or choose a life partner of national tv amongst so much drama.
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-SilverFlames- 11 years ago Cant believe it... Why is marriage been made a joke of on national TV!!! First Swamyvar, now this....
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A-HELPING-HAND 11 years ago it's her personal life
but she shudn't deal wid it publically.
May God give her the courage to bear all this.2009-12-05 06:21:39
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sehar mehrotra
sehar mehrotra 11 years ago shez d biggest drama queen ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ishan. 11 years ago LMAOOOOOOO ROFL ROFL

What she is going to tutor ???

How to arrange swayamvar and then break the marriage ??? ROFL ROFL

Just to maker of the PERFECT BRIDE - U chose the wrong person LOL
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saif_faty71192 11 years ago ROFL..:)Wat al she tel.itz bulshit.wat she vil give advice first of al she needs it...
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-SalShah4eva- 11 years ago oh sadia jaan ur so funny
but tahts true
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.shona. 11 years ago the advise i want to give the girls is tht girls, dnt take rakhi's advise!
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