Rakhi Sawant goes head-on on Divya Dutta...

Divya Dutta's unsolicited comment angers Rakhi Sawant, and the 'Controversy Queen' picks up a fight on the sets of Arre Deewano...

Published: Friday,Jan 09, 2009 13:56 PM GMT-07:00
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Star Plus’ Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano which was touted as the ‘most clean and free from controversies’ reality show has its share of fireworks and arguments in just the second week after launch!!

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It is action time, as Rakhi Sawant takes charge and fires it back at Divya Dutta, after the latter passed unsolicited and below-the-belt remarks on Rakhi.

According to our source, “It so happened that Divya was in the guise of a little girl during one of her acts this week. She commented in her act that she would not speak about Rakhi as her father says that ‘Rakhis is for Adults Only’. Citing this as a personal insult and a comment in poor taste, Rakhi retaliated saying she has a huge fan following amongst kids, and this comment could actually deter her young audience from watching her as it presents her in a negative light”.

Well, Rakhi’s assault softened Divya and she eventually apologized. “But Rakhi did not calm down and went on and on, until Mahesh Manjrekar intervened and stopped the situation from going out of control”, adds our source.

However, Mahesh also expressed his disapproval of actors making personal digs at each other in their acts. He was heard saying, “This would spoil everybody’s mood and will affect the working environment in the show”.

Well, this fight is just the beginning, and there will be much more to come as the show moves on!!
Catch Rakhi’s cat fight tonight, January 9th on Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano at 10 PM only on Star Plus…

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Kim_ 13 years ago why she had to comment on rakhi, doesn''t she know Rakhi is very touchy, it''s divya''s fault
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radhika_21 13 years ago thanx!
that was kind of expected from her!
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NATASHA_ 13 years ago drama queen andd please you dont have a huge kids fan followingg i hatee herrr shes fakee and everything on her is too lol
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perfectpiscean 13 years ago OMG Rakhi! Get a life!

Thanks 4 the article!
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rancho 13 years ago Good rakhi is always a good subject for comedy
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tulipbaby53 13 years ago woow...rakhi needs to learn to grow up! it''s not even that big of a deal! >.<
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liquidfantasy 13 years ago arrey the do make fun of other contestants...in comedy circus also , shakeel used to joke abt everyone...even the judges!!so rakhi take these thing sportingly...she is a big nautanki!!lolzz!!
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IBserenity 13 years ago but divya is rite...i wouldn''t want my kid to watch rakhi... i understand that she'';s trying to be all good now with that kid show on Zee that recentally ended but still...all her songs are inappropriate for kids. If she really cared abt her younger audience then she wouldn''t be doing songs like she does.
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calizgurl 13 years ago Divya shouldve neva made such a hurtful comment, and its kinda wrong in a way because she made rakhi look reli bad.
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ashita_tweety 13 years ago this could only beexpected out of rakhi.......big drame baaz
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