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'Rakhi needs to show more sportsman spirit' - Urvashi Dholakia

As Urvashi enters 9X's Yeh Hai Jalwa, she talks about the controversy created due to her entry with Rakhi's beau Abhishek...

Urvashi Dholakia, seems to love reality shows. No wonder after winning, Ustaadon Ka Ustaad, comedy championship ( episode to be telecast Sunday eve), she is now entering Yeh Hai Jalwa on 9X. But this time her surprise entry along with Abhishek Awasthi, created a huge ripple. For co -contestant Rakhi Sawant threw a big fit at her boy friend's entry, since it was without her knowledge. She lambasted Abhishek for spoiling her chances of winning the crown and also attacked Urvashi for betraying their friendship.

Urvashi in her defense says that "Rakhi was never my friend in the first place." And why should I have any problem pairing with anyone. We are all artists here! If somebody has an issue they should take it up with the production house and not me. This matter is really between Rakhi and Abhishek, so why drag me into the mud." "Abhishek is like my brother so what's wrong in taking his help", she wanted to know? Although the vamp from Kasauti did not want to talk much about Rakhi she did say that "The item queen being so talented, should have showed more sportsman spirit.

She also rejected charges that that her late entry in Jalwa was unfair to the other 5 participants. "The same thing had happened to me in Comedy Circus, but I did not cry foul. This is a format and you should play by the rules." Urvashi is quite happy to have won Ustaadon Ka Ustaad, for it was not easy to convince jury from different walks of life about humour. About her victory in the show she says, "Shakeelji and me enjoy a great on screen chemistry and it shows. The icing on the cake was that we beat Comedy Circus champions, Kashif Khan and Ali Asgar in the finals and won Ustaadon Ka Ustaad."

Catch all the action and excitement on the 20th April Sunday at 8 pm on 9X as Urvashi and Abishek sizzle on the stage of Yeh Hai Jalwa.

Author: Anil Merani


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sweet_dreams22 12 years ago This content is hidden.
nimrah 12 years ago Gosh..silly Rakhi! :@ She makes me soo angry! Ughhh!
Soo happy Urvashi won Ustadon ka Ustaad! :D
naila01 12 years ago dude...i mean reali who give a flip what rakhi does on YEH HAI JALWa...the only reason i watch the show is because cutie Sharad... Who cares bout the extra people...lolz
flow 12 years ago This content is hidden.
blueblue3 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Mrs.K.B.Sobti 12 years ago she is doing this in order to gain from audience

She's a dkokepaz
bips 12 years ago i'm pretty sure its all one big staged drama... i'm positive that rakhi knew everything from before..

come on- this is the guy who got slapped by her on national tv on valentine's day and still went down on his knees with flowers.. do you really think he will compete with her without telling her first...

one cheap staged drama..... as always
jasmine_triv 12 years ago This content is hidden.
SecretKhabri420 12 years ago I like Urvashi with Shakeel in ITA, they were so funny....
bade34 12 years ago U guyz were always my favourites and champions now your talents have finally been acknowledged. All the best!
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