Rakhi meets her Sasural walon in Toronto through Video Conferencing

Rakhi talks to Elesh's parents and sister placed at Canada thro' video conferencing, and impressed her sasuraal wale...

While Rakhi went to visit the families of the contestants in Rishikesh and New Delhi, Elesh's family back in Canada could not make it to Mumbai to meet their would be bahu due to visa problems. But, our NRI beau from Canada refused to accept defeat so easily. Therefore to surprise Rakhi he made all arrangements so that Rakhi could meet and interact with his family in Canada through video-conferencing.

Rakhi was totally zapped by the technical advancement that has turned the world into a global village. She was completely thrilled and her excitement was evident during her conversation with Elesh's family and friends.

She spoke to Elesh's parents and grandmother in Gujarati. Rakhi also shares the recipe of  "daal dhokdi" with Elesh's mother who in turn gave her full marks for her culinary skills.  They also told her that they would be happy if she wore jeans in the house.  Rakhi was at her enchanting best and successfully managed to impress her would-be in laws.

To be a part of this excitement tune in to Rakhi Ka Swayamvar on Thursday 23rd July at 9:00 pm only on NDTV Imagine …




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optimistvik 11 years ago She should go to elesh place to meet her would be in-laws
cookie09 11 years ago This content is hidden.
comment4rakhi 11 years ago For Rakhi Elesh is a fit match who is perfect match as compared to others who looks younger to marry Rakhi. Congratulations! Rakhi for your choice for Elesh.
parii2 11 years ago i heard she is getting married to him on 2nd august
munz. 11 years ago Manas or elesh for Rakhi... Both of them are really nice...
heaven002x 11 years ago This content is hidden.
ArjaAddict 11 years ago i wish dey get tpgetha....
actually i wanted manmohan n rakhi to be togetha but after manmohan's issu i turned to eleshh...i cried wen i saw elesh crying on da mother's day episode in rakhi ka swayamvar!!!
he's soooooooo cute!!
dua_44ever 11 years ago @bpatel

not everyone living in USA and Canada has a dual citizenship.
.shona. 11 years ago true....rakhi is a true rockstar!!!
& yayyyyyy thnx to videoo conference!!!i've been waiting for this for so looong! though i wud rather prefer rakhi cuming to toronto ;]
* Unnati *
* Unnati * 11 years ago She is absolutely the purest & the most truthful person I've ever ever seen! I just wish she gets together with Elesh...they're such a cute pair. I wish her all the happiness & Joy & peace in life.
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