Rajeev Verma's important cameo in Bidaai..

Finally, Rajan Shahi's Bidaai will see the flashback sequence of Dadaji's death, with the entry of Rajeev Verma into the show!!

We have seen seasoned actor Rajeev Verma as part of Star Plus' and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai in way of a portrait present in the store room of the Rajvansh family till now!! 

Finally, we will see the Dadaji of the house, Harshvardhan Rajvansh appear in the story track as part of the flash back wherein he gets killed. The present track of Bidaai is leading to the
biggest high point wherein the real face of Choti Maa (Natasha Rana) will be revealed to the entire Rajvansh family.

According to our source, "Rajeev Verma has started shooting for the show. His flashback sequence will air this week, starting from Monday. Harshvardhan Rajvansh had been a man of principles, who believed that the major share of property should eventually go to the kids of the elder son and daughter-in-law of the house, that is to Indrajeet and Vasu's kids. However, Ambika Rajvansh (Natasha Rana) is totally against it and wants her son Naveen (Vimarsh Roshan) to get the major share".

"The flashback sequence will show Amibka and Dadaji in a verbal confrontation, which will eventually lead to Dadaji's death. It will be interesting to watch whether Amibka deliberately kills Dadaji or she just takes advantage of a situation to eliminate him from the picture. However, all this had been watched by the little Alekh who in the process of running down the stairs after witnessing all this, had a major fall", informs our source.

We called Rajeev Verma who presently plays the role of Shastriji in Zee's Choti Bahu who says, "I have a great association with Rajan Shahi ever since my Millee days. It is nice to be part of the very important cameo in Bidaai".

We talked to Producer Rajan Shahi who states that, "Rajeev Verma has been a close friend of mine from Millee days, and we have been showing his picture in Bidaai for a long time. I had earlier told him that whenever the script demands, we will need him for a special cameo and he obliged by doing it".

On the future track, Rajan Shahi tells us, "The current episodes will give rise to many high points in the show. We will be seeing some outstanding performances coming from Angad Hasija and Seema Kapoor. After the real face of Choti Maa is revealed, we will be seeing an interesting phase in the story line wherein the youngsters will have a major role to play. Every episode after this revelation will give rise to small linkups to yet another major high point that is to come in November".

Talking about the exit of the character of Choti Maa, Rajan Shahi quips, "Choti Maa will obviously bow out of the show. But before she leaves, she will open cans of worms that will further ruin the good stead of the family members".

Our source further hints us that, "The manner in which Choti Maa gets revealed, and the revelations that she comes up with once her real face is out, will have a major effect on the family. All is not going to be hunky dory after this, and the whole incident might have an adverse effect on Alekh. One will have to watch the episodes to figure out this".

We tried calling Angad Hasija to know more, but he remained unavailable.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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interesting........now it will be fun watching it....

14 years ago

OMG, the picture says it all.
I really hope aleckh gets cured.

14 years ago

I hope Aelekh comes back to normal

nice twist


14 years ago

interesting but again adverse affect on alekh????? nooooo

14 years ago

so CM is out of this show or nit

14 years ago

aneehsa ur t00 much l0l:P
angad 0n dinner wid u n0 hes mine

14 years ago

" and the whole incident might have an adverse effect on Alekh."

Great!!! all this was done for him...and now things will get worse...

14 years ago

The truth is finally out!...good acting scope for Angad n Seema..now that'll be interesting to watch...i think both of them acted extremely well in today's revelation episode!

14 years ago

angad was unavailable cause he was out to dinner with me!

14 years ago

yeaah finally its out lolzzz


14 years ago

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