'Rajee was submissive, while Heer is dominating'-Urmila Kanetkar

The vivacious and smiling Urmila Kanetkar, who rose to fame as Rajee of Maayka, is back in SaharaOne's Mera Sasuraal.

Urmila Kanetkar, fondly known as Rajee of Maayka by her fans, left them disappointed when she left the show. She is now back in a new serial called Mera Sasuraal on SaharaOne. The cute and ever-smiling actress talks to our Telly Buzz reporter about herrole in the new show.
You were Rajee in Maayka, and now Heer in Mera Sasuraal, so how different are both the characters?

Both the characters are very different. In Maayka, Rajee was very submissive and simple. She was the eldest daughter and had to be very understanding. Whereas in Mera Sasural, I play Heer who is the youngest daughter and is quite dominating.

Tell us something more about your character in Mera Sasuraal.

I play Heer in Mera Sasural and she is the youngest daughter of the family. She is pampered by her father and is loved by all. She has an elder sister and is the Khajuria family’s neighbour. She has been friends with their son right from the time they have been kids. But as time went by they lose touch with one another. And now they are about to get married as the family has already accepted her as their daughter-in-law.

Do you relate to the characters you have played?

Rajee was very different and I am not like that at all. So it was difficult for me to play the role. But I relate more to Heer. I am also the only daughter just like her and am stubborn, dominating and quiet like Heer.

Your role in Maayka did not end on a very good note. What do you have to say about that?

That is past. I do not want to dwell on something that happened in the past and dig up any old graves. It happened and now it’s over. I have moved on with my life. Such issues keep happening in television and you have to learn to get used to it.

So do you have any issues with the channel after dropping out of the show?

Not really. In fact I am doing a show on Zee Marathi. I never had any issues working with Zee then, and I don’t have any issues now either.

How is it like working with Sudhir Pandey again?

It feels very nice. I had worked with him in Maayka and he is just like a teddy bear. There he was my father and here he plays my sasur. But either ways he is very caring and it is a pleasure working with him again. For me acting is reacting and it is the same with Sudhirji.

Any other projects in the pipeline?

Not really. I don’t have the time to take up anything new.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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Mera Sasural,an excellent show not to be missed. can someone send me pics. Also does anyone knows about the producer, writer, creative heads Anjana and Vicky chandra

15 years ago

thanks ,, the shw is really nice ..and hope it proceeds the same way .. its goo d to watch atleast one sasural like a maykaa :D

15 years ago

that's great!

Hope the show goes well.

15 years ago

omg i was actually thinking about her when i was watching maayka n now i will be seeing her in a new show that is damn great

15 years ago

Really want to watch the show, but don't have SaharaOne... but looks interesting and different!

15 years ago

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