Rajan Shahi on the Turns of Events in Sapna Babul Ka..Bidaai

Rajan Shahi, Producer and Series Director of Sapna Babul Ka..Bidaai talks about the new developments in the serial..

The viewers of Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai are anxiously waiting for the entry of male protagonists in the serial. Since the beginning of the serial, the story had been revolving around the girls Ragini and Sadhna, but now it’s time for Kinshuk Mahajan to enter the serial, who will be playing the role of the youngest son of Rajvansh family. And today is the D-Day for him as he will be making his first appearance in the serial. Right now there is lot of suspense in the serial and all the viewers arer eagerly glued to get answers to various questions. We caught up with Rajan Shahi, the Producer and Series Director of the serial to get some idea on the future track.

Talking about the newly introduced family, Rajan Shahi says, “Rajvansh family has got strong characters to portray. The icing to the cake is this intrigue and the mystery element that has been created. The mystery is a jigsaw puzzle that will open up coming Monday, so watch out”.

Vasundhara Rajvansh, played by Seema Kapoor has organised a party at home, and intends to send Sadhana into the mysterious out-house. We tried to ask Rajan about the suspense related to the out-house, but he was tight lipped. “I can only tell you that whatever happens in the outhouse, the interaction that takes place in the outhouse with whoever related, is going to add the most emotional aspect to the show. It will bring in a new kind of relationship and a new twist to the story which has never been touched upon so far”.

Only one male lead character has been introduced as of now. So, who will be the other, what is the suspense that will get unfolded on Monday? Will we see the second new lead soon? Wait for the jigsaw puzzle to get clearer...

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Anu.Rad

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y do they cry alwayz.......hate d cast only!

16 years ago

thnxx...watching d serial nowadayz....hope d mystries unfold demselves soon...

16 years ago

Thanks,love to read articles related with Bidaii


16 years ago

Thanks for the info, the serial is going really well, hoping for the outhouse mystery to be over soon.

16 years ago

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