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Raja rants all over again...

An angry Raja Chaudhury hits back at media for painting a wrong picture of him at the recent Sanjay Nirupam party..

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Bigg Boss runner up Raja Chaudhary is quite miffed with the media. He feels that certain electronic channels played around with the tapes of his appearance at Sanjay Nirupam’s party couple of days back. “They smartly looped my entry remarks with my remarks that I made later, to make it appear I was drunk and misbehaving. I was not drunk and just emotional”, he added. “This kind of action is not done. Henceforth I will take my camera man to all events and will play them and expose the media of their wrong doings”, states Raja. However he did add that at least one electronic channel did play his side of the story last night.

When we asked as to why he appeared agitated after coming out of Bigg Boss house on Saturday, and whether this anger stemmed from the fact that he lost, Raja quips, “No,  like I said, Ashu is my younger brother and he needed the money more than me.  I was bit upset as I could not locate my parents. You have to understand that after 90 days, I come out and see no one, obviously any body will be tense”.

He also dismisses any chances of a re-appproachment with his ex wife. “I had a wonderful time with her, but no more. To those who say that I was living off her, I just have to say this for those nine years I was busy being a husband, father, cook cum caretaker, that I did not think of earning my livelihood”, states the man.

About his future, he says “Endemol has discussed few projects with me, lets see”. Will you do a Bhojpuri film with Sambhavna Seth? “I am a professional, but she should not use that laughter of hers. I also abhorred her uncouth behavior in the house. She would light up in the loo and dump the cigarette butt in the toilet”, explains Raja.

While appreciating his fans’ concern regarding his temper he said, “I used my emotions as a self defense tool.  If I become smart like Rahul Mahajan, I would loose my own personality, right?”
In closing he says he would not mind getting remarried. “I would need a wife who would understand my work culture and give me space”, confides Raja.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani


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josh135 11 years ago he so gay!! he dumped shweta for rahul!! hate him!
Girlabouttown 11 years ago What is he doing? He has spoilt his image he made during the show......
rose82 11 years ago This content is hidden.
-Superstar- 11 years ago i''m with raja...!!!!!!!
all the him.
u deserve a wife much better than shweta...
chullbulli 11 years ago yes ...people shud not say that he was living off her wife''s money...being a fatehr and taking care of the house is no small thing...if prerna was managing the house financially .raja too was doing his duty...good luck raja...
PureBliss 11 years ago hmm i dont know whether this all is media created or the truth but i dont like Raja bec of this behaviour no offence to his fans
aashli2008 11 years ago poor raja .....................sooooo sad
mehak_kapoor 11 years ago Poor Raja. I like him. I hope he gets gud work
Neha.K. 11 years ago i agree wid ya wasu, he is sucha b****** loooser huh
i hate dis person:x
sallu_lover 11 years ago u dont need a wife coz otherwsie u will get jealous again the way u did about shweta
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