Rahul welcomes 2009 with Chote Miya kids...

The Bigg Boss contestant cum judge of the show Chhote Miyan, Rahul Mahajan had gala time with the kids of the show on New Year' eve...

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Rahul Mahajan aka Rahul Bhaiya, one of the judges in COLORS’ Chhote Miyan had a gala time on New Year eve with the little contestants of the show!!

The guy who was always hounded by girls in Bigg Boss preferred to be with kids as they celebrated the occasion at McDonalds in Lokhandwala, organized by COLORS. “This time Rahul wanted to celebrate the coming of New Year with the kids of the show. In the morning, he took them to McDonalds where they had a gala time feasting on burgers and ice creams. He cut a cake with the kids, and also played some games with them”, says our source.

“The last two years have not been good for the chap, but with the image makeover he has got now, he wanted to go back to his childhood days by enjoying the day with kids”, adds our source.

Who said Rahul smiles only when he is with girls? Well, this surely seems to be a new chapter in the life of Rahul…. 

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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