Rahul Vaidya to make a guest appearance in Simply Sapney..

The singer cum host Rahul Vaidya will make his debut on small screen with a guest appearance in Zee Next's Simply Sapney...

Rahul Vaidya, Television’s First ‘Superstar’ is now on course to try his hand in acting!!

The young lad after winning Star Plus’ Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar will now be seen making a Guest appearance in Zee Next’s Simply Sapney. When asked about his debut as an actor on small screen, Rahul quips, “Yes, I am making a short but sweet appearance in Simply Sapney. I am invited by the four girls of the serial to inaugurate their restaurant. I will be singing a song from my debut album ‘Tera Intezar’”.

Apart from acting, Rahul will also be seen hosting the Star Plus’ new reality show Aaja Maahi Vay along with friend Vineet Singh. “Yes, I aim to be an all-rounder”, quips the singer cum host cum actor.

Ask him whether he is open to more acting offers, and he states, “If I get a good offer coming my way, then I will definitely give it a try”.

Well, Rahul is indeed a ‘Superstar’ in his own way!!

Reporter :Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (8)

Hope she gets well soon. Shes a legend, a classic actress. Her acting is unparalelled.

16 years ago

Rahul is a upcoming superstar of music industry.

15 years ago

does anybody know when this episodes goin to be aired on exactly?
plez tell!!!!!

thanx for the news though!!

15 years ago

Thnx...can't wait for all thatz mentioned its gonna be fun to watch Rahul & Vinit 2gether lolzz...

15 years ago

what the heck.
why can't singers just stay singers ?
i dont get that. it seems to me that
acting is the only most important
this in this industry.

15 years ago

omg rahul nd vineet dats will be hilarious

15 years ago

Rahul & Vineet,it's so great,can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

yippee!..Rahul+Vineet=non-stop masti!

15 years ago

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