'Rahul manipulates so well before the camera' - Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden expresses her displeasure on the game getting dirty in Bigg Boss house.

Diana Hayden, who got into the Bigg Boss house thro’ Wild Card got evicted today. And here is the gorgeous lady talking about her experience and controversies in the house to Telly Buzz..

How was the experience in the Bigg Boss House?
I had a great time in the house. But everything changed during the last 10 days of my stay there, as there were too much of negative vibes around.
You entered the house well after the other inmates. So how was their initial reaction towards you?
The reaction of the house mates was very great and they were happy to see a new face in the house.
Everybody knows that you were very close to Ashutosh, tell us about him?
We are just friends (laughs). We bonded very well as we had similar thoughts and values. Above all, he is a very honest and simple man, and that’s where I connected more with him.
Most of the housemates have attributed your closeness to Ashutosh as a reason for nominating you?
The game has now reached its climax, so people there blurt out exactly what they want to be captured on camera, even though they know the truth from within. One of the reasons given for nominating me was that, we never used to eat with the other inmates. But how could we, when we were the ones feeding them with garma garam rotis? Frankly speaking, I have no objection in getting nominated, but I get really irked when one states wrong reasons for nomination. The game has become dirty with too much of back biting. Rahul was the leader there, and he manipulates so well before the camera that you never know what he wants from you.

Describe your housemates in one word?
Ashutosh - Honest
Raja – Temperamental
Rahul - Manipulative
Zulfi – Tameez
Monica- Pretty but Manipulative.
Have you fulfilled your aim of coming to the Bigg Boss house?
No, I don't think I have fulfilled my aim. I was in the house to win, but due to situations that prevailed over the last 10 days, I now feel it is good that I am out of the house.

Who according to you should win the title of Bigg Boss?
Ashutosh, because he is a good friend of mine and he is honest too.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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I don''t agree with Diana that Rahul is manipulative, he spaeks from his heart and take cares of everybody, without going into politics, totally in contrast to Raja & Zulfi, whose each step is manipulative.

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Bye all.


15 years ago

diana u r too gud..i so hope monica goes out soon

15 years ago

I hate diana....moncia is not bad at all.

15 years ago

Monica is not that bad?its Rahul who always starts flirting...anyways..tnx

15 years ago

even though am not able to watch the show...I hope Zulfi wins.

15 years ago

i hate diana, she always over reacts, n always interfers in all d matters, gud 2 know dat she has been evicted!!

15 years ago

actually she''s the one who''s manipulative.m glad she''s out.

15 years ago

i hate diana, she is very dumb, gud 2 know dat she got evicted!!!

15 years ago

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