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Rahil Azam spices up Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa..

The very talented Rahil Azam will bring in a thriller element in Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa, as he is all set to play a very pivotal role..

Published: Monday,Apr 14, 2008 20:47 PM GMT-06:00
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As everyone tries to guess who the parallel lead of Ratna Sinha’s production, Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa is, Telly Buzz reveals the name behind the unknown face. To play the very interesting role in the upcoming thriller track, Ratna Sinha has roped in the very versatile Rahil Azam.

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When contacted, Rahil confirmed the news saying, “Yes I have just signed up for the role and I will be playing the parallel lead in the serial. I have not got the screenplay in my hand right now, so I cannot tell you much. My character name, I guess will be Swayam”. Rahil was rather reticent though to reveal much about the character, as he says, “The character is very unique and is one that is very risky for an actor to try out in television. I have always done different roles whether it be my recent Resham Dankh or Betiyaan Apni Ya Paraya Dhan, and it is the same with this role too. The uniqueness of the role is what enticed me to take it up.”

The actor adds further, “My character has a kind of split personality disorder, but that’s the most I can reveal about it. But there is a different dimension given to the split personality which has not been shown in any film or serial till now”. Giving a hint to the audience, Rahil stated, "Try watching the episode of April 14th, when the turmoil in Aastha's life starts. This episode will be a buildup to my character. If you are smart enough, you can guess little bit about the same".

Ratna Sinha, Producer of Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa averred the news saying, “Yes we have finalized Raahil for the pivotal role. His character is something very different and unique. His entry will be somewhere in May but how is entry will take place is for the viewers to wait and find out".

As we gear up for the thriller element to get introduced in Baabul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa, we wish Rahil Azam the very best of luck!!

Reporter and Author: Melanie

Rahil Azam

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Sonu_usa 14 years ago Personally I think Rahil Azam is perfect choice for the role of Swayam. He always does perfect Justice to the characters he plays & never fails the audience.

His character Swayam sounds very very risky but not for Rahil Azam . He's just trying to be modest with his statements. He knows his capabilities.

He is a creative communicator with very good instinct & alert mind,knows how to balance himself in various situations. His perfect presence of mind helps him how to enact himself & cater to different types of audience.
His zillion dollar voice captures audience in a heartbeat--his versatile voice gets moody to highly dramatic to enthusiastic.He is full of life & excitement..His attitude, style warmth & sensuality together has the power to reign the audience.
This is one of his powerful Weapon in his ARSENAL.
Anything that is naturally produced within you is close to divine--be it emotion , feelings, sentiment,love or attachment towards him.

I wish him all the best from the core of my heart.

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Yahoo_boy 14 years ago I am not sure where this talented guy was hiding all this while. HE has so much potential & a great screen presence which is not really tappen well by any of the channels. We all should vouch to see more of Rahil on the silver screen...or rather the big screen :)
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adoremevirgo 14 years ago May....long time yet to wait :(
the serial is becoming a thriller whereas the original concept was how a girl faces dilemma after getting married.
well...i guess the original storyline is not working with the TRPs
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lipshaa 14 years ago Cooolll.....
Good to see him back....

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illuminated. 14 years ago Waiting eagerly for his entry now!! He will surely spice up BKACN
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vallanki 14 years ago waiting to see him. I like his acting.
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ShaFiLICIOUS 14 years ago wow i havent seen in since in paritvaar. good to see him back. will defwatch tonight epsiode !! Looks good
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tumhari? 14 years ago finally he is back havent seen him in a long time cant wait
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Malajiji 14 years ago Thanks.. hope it will be good storyline..
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animateash 14 years ago ooo fina;llly d face is revealedd man i cna geuss for sure wats lined up ahead aww i cnat w8 mroe how it wud b putt ...d story is going evry interesting maannnn nowwww
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