Rahat Fateh Ali Khan breaks silence on controversial video: Apologizes for incident with protege - WATCH

Speaking candidly on Adeel Asif's podcast Rahat Fateh Ali Khan expressed remorse and revealed that he has already extended an apology to Naveed, whom he considers his protege.

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Renowned Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recently addressed a widely shared video that stirred controversy, depicting him hitting a man, identified as Naveed Hasnain, with a shoe. Speaking candidly on Adeel Asif's podcast, the 49-year-old singer expressed remorse and revealed that he has already extended an apology to Naveed, whom he considers his protege.

In the interview, Rahat shed light on the incident, stating, “I did apologize to him. He started crying and said, ‘Ustaad ji (Sir), why are you doing this?’" Rahat emphasized the mentor-like role he plays in Naveed's life, explaining, “Baap ka jaise role hota hai. Shagird ki baap hone ki jarurat hai. Humne woh role hi adaa kia hai (I am his teacher. I have played the role of his father).”

Attempting to provide context to the controversial video, Rahat clarified that the incident was related to an 'internal matter' between him and his protege. The video, which circulated widely, showed Rahat slapping and kicking Naveed with a shoe over a 'bottle.' Rahat, however, clarified that the bottle contained what he referred to as 'pir sahab ka dum ka paani' (holy water).


Addressing the criticism and trolling on social media, Rahat expressed his frustration, stating, “He is my protege, and I accepted that I scolded and trashed him. Later I apologized. Till this point, it was fine, but people are making fun of it. But the truth is he had my holy water with him. People are not understanding the intensity of the situation. It’s a very serious matter for me as it involves my spiritual guide.”

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan went on to reveal that beyond the incident, he has been actively supporting Naveed's family by covering their medical expenses and wedding costs. 

As the singer navigates the aftermath of this controversy, the public awaits further developments and the resolution of this intricate and intensely personal matter.

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