Raghav Thakur: Your first car is always special

Suhagan's lead actor, Raghav Thakur, says that he is waiting for the time he can tell his parents that he bought a new car.

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Raghav Thakur

Colors TV's Suhagan lead actor Raghav Thakur says that he is waiting for the time he can tell his parents that he bought a new car. He adds that the happiness of seeing the pride on your parents’ face will be unparalleled.

He says, “Your first car comes with your first earnings. One cannot express in words how much happiness it will bring. And your family is probably happier than you are. I can't even describe it. I can't imagine it, so I'm just waiting for the moment when I can tell them, "Yes, Mom and Dad, I have bought a car or a house with my own money in Mumbai." I have achieved something, so what kind of happiness will that be? I'm eagerly awaiting that.”

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He adds, “Speaking of family, when we were children, and we would buy a new car, we would be overjoyed. When there was planning at home about which car to buy and which one was better, we used to review many cars. Then, based on our budget, our family decided which car to buy. We, as kids, didn't think about the budget, whether it was expensive, whether it was comfortable or not. Most of the cars that came to our house came on Diwali. I mean, our family, when they make purchases, they do it on Dhanteras or whenever it's the day of Diwali.”

Ask him which car he wants to buy, and he says, “Speaking of my dream machine, well, I like a lot of cars, but my love for bikes is at another level. My brother knows that I love cruiser bikes. I mean, if someone gives me an option between a car and a bike, I will choose a good superbike or a cruiser bike. So, if we talk about cars, Ruby is the one I want to buy. And if we talk about bikes, I would go for Kawasaki. Ninja H2. And if we talk about cruiser bikes, I would like to have a nice model from Harley Davidson.”

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