'Radio's always been my first love' Smriti Kalra

Smriti Kalra aka Simi Sethi of Zee’s 12/ 24 Karol Bagh takes the Telly Buzz Quick Grills this week…

Your name means: Memory

The one person closest to your heart:
My dad

Your Hobbies: Reading, trekking, Camping

One gadget you cannot imagine life without: Cellphones

Do you believe in Magic: Yes

If you were a historic character, you'd be: Jhansi Ki Rani

Mamma's pet or daddy's girl: Definitely Daddy's girl, all the way!

Radio or TV: Radio has always been my first love.

Love to you is: something that's not happened yet.

In school your favorite subject was: Chemistry

Importance of smile in your life:
Indefinite. I have a smile on my face 24/7. Except of course when I'm not acting.

The tele-serial you are hooked on to: I don't watch television (laughs)

Your favorite thing to munch on: Anything

The one change that bothers you: that I don't get time nowadays for myself.

The best part about Delhi city: The Sardi (the winter)

The ride you love the most when it comes to amusement parks:
Giant Wheel

Any person in whose shoes you wanted to be in:
No one!

Steps you take to keep yourself focused towards your goal:
(laughs) I'm not a person who can answer that.

A book that you'd recommend to read:
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (3)

Smiriti u are too good ,in very first show u have got such good role to play.Always a pleasure to watch u on tv.

13 years ago

What is it with actors and fountainhead?! Every actor asked the question your fav book and it's Fountainhead! I read the book and it's ok, but to kill a mockingbird is way better!

But cool interview!

14 years ago

thanks i wish i were famous

14 years ago

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