Radha Krishna Dutta plays Chief Minister in Chakravyuha

Radha Krishna Dutta talks of his role in Prakash Jha’s Chakravyuha

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Radha Krishna Dutta, graduate from the National School of Drama, who plays Lord Brahma in Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev on Life OK, King Janak in Sabke Jeevan Ka Aadhar - Ramayan on Zee TV and the main negative role Jamunia on Door Darshan and is the husband of popular TV actress Rupal Patel; has played the role of the Chief Minister in Prakash Jha's Chakravyuha. 

The film is a social commentary on Naxalites and the tale of two friends. Speaking of his role in the film Dutta says, "I play the Chief Minister of a coalition government who genuinely tries for development in the State. The Chief Minister hails from a very rich family.  However it is very difficult for him to do good work as the whole system is messed up. The marginalized castes are still suffering. In the film you see people even running away from the police. The Naxalite activities affect about 60% of India's population."

Chakravyuha has opened with positive reviews. It's a socio-political thriller dealing with a burning issue which has moved many Indians.

 - Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya

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Gopiii 8 years ago Brahma Dev of DKDM ka asli naam is Radha Krishna. Nice to finally know.
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Karunima 8 years ago I have seen you only in Mahadev. I like your acting in the show.
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Namita-M 8 years ago He is really good as Raja Janak! Good acting!
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sindhupv 8 years ago He is very good in the role of Brahma. All the best to him for the release of the film. Love DKDM.
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Life_Is_Dutiful 8 years ago Now we got the reason for his long absense from the show.He looks so different in this look.
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Tinacool 8 years ago All the best to him for the release of the film. Looks very different from what we see in the show. Most actors we might not even recognize in real life from their get up in the show.
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foram. 8 years ago finally came to know his name and he is doing a fab job as brahmadev in dkdm and all the best for his movie.
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OtakuGirl-Debo 8 years ago tanx for the article...first time n also finally I know his name..I saw him in many shows but don't know his..he did a grt job as Brahma Dev in DKDM...all the best for his movie..
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vids08 8 years ago Thanks for the article. He has done a good job as King Janak in Ramayan.
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Nishajos 8 years ago Thanks to this article I finally know his name. I knew him as Brahma Dev from Mahadev. All the best to him and his new movie.
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