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Rabb Se Hai Dua: Things get intense as Hamida challenges Haider's injustice towards Dua

Hamida has entered the Akhtar house in support of her daughter Dua. Will her moral support change things for Dua?

Published: Thursday,May 11, 2023 09:33 AM GMT-06:00
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Alka Kaushal and Karanvir Sharma

Zee TV's show 'Rabb Se Hai Dua' has been witnessing some major high voltage drama with Haider getting married to Ghazal and Dua being deeply affected by the same. 

In the previous episodes of the show we saw Dua's mother Hamida make an entry in the Akhtar house. Hamida has now stepped in in support of her daughter Dua. In the upcoming episodes of the show we will see Hamida give an earful to Haider and his family for all the injustice her daughter Dua has been going through. Hamida will tell Haider and his family that whatever they are putting Dua through is wrong and unjust and that they should not forget whatever she has done for them in the past so many so years of being married to Haider. 

Hamida will tell Haider that Dua does not deserve to pay for whatever his mother has done. Later, she will also give an earful to Dua and will ask her to take a stand for herself. She will motivate Dua to fight for her rights and to not give up so easily. 

Well, Hamida is a new character that has been introduced in the show. The character will be played by veteran actress Alka Kaushal

Talking about the current track of the show, the story revolves around the lives of Dua, Haider and Ghazal and how Haider has given into Ghazal's manipulation and has got married to her. 

Do you think Dua will be able to stand up for herself with the support of Hamida? Let us know your views in the comments below. 

Alka Kaushal Karanvir Sharma Aditi Sharma Richa Rathore Rabb Se Hai Dua 

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