"You shall see us soon after we end Sadda Haq season 2" - promises Ashwini Koul!

Look what Ashwini Koul just posted on a social networking site...

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The news about Channel V shutting down came in as a shocker to  the youth. 

According to our sources, the current running shows on the channel which includes some popular ones like 'Mastaangi', 'Sadda Haq Season 2', 'D4 - Get Up And Dance', 'Gumrah Season 5' among others will be going off-air. The tentative date for this is 30th June when the shows will be airing their last episodes. And effective from July 1, the channel is in plans for a probable shutdown or a revamp into an all music channel.

With the news sending jitters to the avid fans of the shows, Sadda Haq fame Ashwini Koul has taken it upon himself to relieve the audience from the discontent.

Ashwini took up to a social networking site and posted:

It has only been a couple of months since Sadda Haq - season 2 launched and the show is already planning its end. 

With Ashwini promising on behalf of the entire team to be back soon, do we expect Sadda Haq season 3? Also which channel would you like to watch Sadda Haq on? 

Shachi Tapiawala Rathod

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Ashwini Koul

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Sadda Haq Season 2

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D4 - Get Up And Dance

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Channel V

Comments (15)

Wish u all the best for ur future ventures. Hope u get better shows than SHQ

8 years ago

u r the king of my heart ,ashwini...pls stay back

8 years ago

ashwini i love u sooo muuuch...pls don't go anywhere...pls come back with shq3

8 years ago

Hope Param Singh gets an amazing role soon

8 years ago

don't know it's true or not but
definitely I want parsh

8 years ago

I am looking forward to Parsh's new shows.

8 years ago

wish sadda haq season two team all the best

8 years ago

Ashwini please come back with Warrior High 2!!

8 years ago

ashwini u r the best ever ...we love u sooo muuuch...if its true that channel v shows are coming to an end i will die for sure..

8 years ago

wish Param Singh and Harshita Gaur all the best!

8 years ago

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